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My travels keep me outdoors for hours on end, and I’ve never had a day pack I could trust to be light enough to carry all day, but sturdy enough to protect my valuables.

During my recent trip to Southeast Asia, I hated lugging around a giant daypack to carry my camera, phone, and valuables. After being pickpocketed in Paris, I’ve been on the lookout for a bag that stays close to my body so that I can keep an eye on important things, like my passport and cell phone.

I’ve tried a variety of pack solutions, from drawstring backpacks to cross-body bags to tote bags, and I haven’t quite found one that satisfies all of my needs. So, when I stumbled upon the KP Sling, I thought it could be a practical option for a light, durable pack to use on my daily adventures.

gear review kp slinggear review kp sling

Gear Review: KP Sling

The KP Sling is a daypack with a minimalist, sleek design, featuring lightweight materials and a durable build ideal for any adventure traveler. At first glance, the bag looks pretty small, but opening it up gives way to eight different compartments to store things in. That’s more than enough space for a wallet, a passport, a small camera, a pair of sunglasses, and a few other gadgets – all I usually need to carry on an average day exploring. It’s actually fairly spacious, yet small enough so that it motivates me to only bring what I need when I’m wandering around.

As a Kickstarter-backed project, the Sling is gaining a lot of traction – for good reasons. Its ultra-practical design and water resistant exterior make it a smart option for travelers looking to tote it around every day. It can be worn in a few different ways – as a crossbody backpack, or as an over-the-shoulder bag, to name a few. With two straps (a shoulder strap and a waist strap), it rides comfortably on my back when I carry it. Overall, I’d say it’s a very intelligently-designed, simple bag for a traveler’s everyday wear.

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Features I Love About the KP Sling:

The design: Small, portable, and with a ton of compartments, this well-designed bag enables me to carry all of the essentials while challenging me to leave behind some of my more unnecessary items. The over-the-shoulder strap is perfect because it doesn’t get in the way of my movements, but provides easy access to all of my belongings when I need them. The waist strap is also useful to keep the bag in place when I’m active, like biking and hiking.

The water-resistant material: I seem to get unlucky with the weather on my travels, but it always happens to rain when I’m trying to do something outdoors. The KP Sling is 100% water resistant, perfect for boat rides, beach days, or times when the weather isn’t so great.

The lightweight material: Lugging around a large, heavy bag all day is absolutely miserable. The Sling eliminates that possibility with its lightweight build, but still has room for everything I need. It’s light to hold and carry, and sometimes it’s so light I can hardly feel it.

gear review kp sling

Features I Don’t Like About the KP Sling:

It’s not quite big enough: While the KP Sling is certainly big enough for all of my main necessities, I fear that it might not fit things like a DSLR camera, a large water bottle or a rain jacket, which I typically carry around on days when I’ll need them. Like I mentioned earlier, though, it makes me carry less stuff around when I’m out and about.

The current available colors: This isn’t a big deal, but I’m a bright colors kind of person, and the current color schemes are fairly neutral. While the toned-down colors can act as a deterrent from pickpockets (something I do like), I do wish there were brighter colors for those of us who want them.


The KP Sling is a fantastic bag for travelers who are tired of lugging around a heavy bag (like I am) and are looking for something more lightweight. With its top-notch materials and sleek design, it’s a great travel companion and day pack alternative for adventure travelers. I’m excited to see what other travel-savvy inventions Keep Pursuing comes up with.

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Disclosure: This review was made possible by Keep Pursuing, but as always, the opinions expressed are our own.