Flying Over the Fjords of Tufi, Papua New Guinea

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For such a massive and diverse country like Papua New Guinea, the best way to see it is from above. Only by taking to the skies can you truly understand the geography and terrain of the island nation. On this trip, I had the opportunity to fly to the northeastern corner of mainland Papua New Guinea with Airlines PNG and the aerial views blew my mind.

The minute we took off from the capital city of Port Moresby, my window was framed with acres upon acres of greenery rising from the slopes surrounding it. Flying across the Owen Stanley Range, we jetted past the lime green fields and flat palm groves of the central region before nearing in towards the Oro Province.

Once we found ourselves hovering over Cape Nelson, the stunning fjords that this region’s so famous for came into full view. Here, these fjords are known as rias, formed by ancient volcanic eruptions which spewed huge amounts of lava that flowed down into the sea. From above, the ever-green ridges and steep-sided rias that plunge into the spearmint waters of the Solomon Sea resemble claws of a dragon. So mythical and surreal, especially when seen through your airplane window.

For a visual of Tufi from above, here are some aerial photos I took from the flights:

A view of the fjords from the air

Sunlight pouring through the clouds high above the fjords of Tufi.

More aerial shots

The ridges, formed by ancient lava flow, resemble the claws of a dragon plunging into the Solomon Sea.

Hovering over the clouds

Puffy marshmallow-like clouds hover above the green ridges of Tufi.

Sunshine reflected on the water

The Solomon Sea sprawls beneath us.

The greenery of Tufi

A river winds its way through the forests of nearby Popondetta (where the plane stops for a connection).

Landing on an airstrip with no terminal in sight

Landing at the airstrip of Tufi.

Here’s a video taken during the flight, hope it gives you a better idea of how beautiful Tufi is from above:

More Information on Airlines PNG:

Airlines PNG is a private airline in Papua New Guinea, operating domestic routes from Port Moresby to various parts of the country. The airline flies three times a week from Port Moresby to Tufi. Guests staying at Tufi Dive Resort (the only resort in Tufi) will be picked up at the tarmac, steps from the plane and have their bags delivered straight to their room.

The price for a one-way trip from Port Moresby to Tufi starts from 399 Kina (US$158). You can book your flights online at or through the US based travel company, Fly and Sea Adventures.

Disclosure: This flight was kindly sponsored by Fly and Sea Adventures, but all opinions above are my own.

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  1. Megan January 29, 2014 5:31 pm #

    Holy crap, so beautiful! Seeing places from the air is so fantastic- this is a good reminder that I need to try to snag window seats more often!

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