Travel insurance is required to participate in all WildJunket Tours.

Proof of your traveler’s insurance coverage will be required prior to departure from your home country. Failure to submit this document may result in you not being allowed to participate in the tour and no refund will be issued. It is your responsibility to make sure you have all required insurance.

All travelers are required to have international medical coverage (either through you home medical insurance or through traveler’s insurance), and trip cancellation. Your insurance must cover reimbursement of the cost of the tour if you cannot participate after the refund date.

We also recommend flight cancellation insurance, personal liability insurance, and loss of luggage. Travelers are wholly responsible for making their own insurance arrangements.

Before purchase, read the fine print or call the insurance company to have a full understanding of when there is coverage and when there is not. Sometimes insurances won’t cover a canceled flight for circumstances such as a natural disaster or an act of war. Be aware of how much the insurance you purchasing actually covers and the process to receive a reimbursement. There are many excellent travel insurance companies.

We recommend the site, as well as, Travel Guard, Access American, and World Nomads Insurance.