Trip Itinerary

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This is the rough itinerary for our 8-day Iraqi Kurdistan tour. Note that there might be changes to the itinerary, depending on the events that [...]

Single Supplement

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Some travelers will join the tour together with their partners or friends, but most travelers who join our WildJunket tours tend to be solo travelers. [...]

Fitness Level

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This trip does not require any fitness level as there will not any rigorous hiking or long walks.  There will be short walks, sometimes uphill [...]

Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance is required to participate in all WildJunket Tours. Proof of your traveler’s insurance coverage will be required prior to departure from your home [...]

Visa Information

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This tour does not include the cost of your visa. Most nationalities can enter Kurdistan without a visa, including US, Canada, Australia, and EU passport [...]

Terms & Conditions

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Please read the document carefully before you book your tour with us. By registering and joining a WildJunket tour you are agreeing to these  Terms and [...]