Photography eBooks

As a travel writing and photography team, we have traveled to over 70 countries on six different continents to satiate our curiosity. In the past decade or so, we’ve scoured the world in search of unusual experiences – from climbing active volcanoes in Guatemala and Iceland, to scuba-diving with whale sharks in the Philippines and Mexico.

Together we’ve shot over 100,000 images from various corners of the world. To share with you our favorite images, we’ve put together some of our best images in this series of photography ebooks.

The Best of Our Wildlife Photography

Wildlife, in particular, has drawn us to the most remote corners of the world. In Madagascar, we went in search of lemurs but found warm and friendly people; Sailing to the North Pole, we saw a polar bear yet we found disappointment in his eyes; and in the Amazon, we trekked in the darkness only to be pleasantly surprised by the jungle symphony.

In this 64-page Wildlife Photography Special, we showcase some of our best images from the North Pole to the southern tip of Africa.

  • Each photo is in a larger format than you would usually see on this website
  • We added commentaries on each photo, to explain how and why we took the image
  • Specifications of what camera, lens and setting we used to shoot the image.

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 This is part of a series of photography e-books that we will be releasing over the next year. Be sure to look out for the next few editions!

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