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Daily Travel Snapshot: Yes Bay, Alaska

Kayaking in tranquility, at Yes Bay in Southeast Alaska.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Wrangell, Alaska

Native American in Alaska

A native American from the Tlingit tribe in Wrangell, Alaska.

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Photoblog: Flying Above the Skies of Alaska

Misty Fjord, Alaska

// With Moby’s ‘Porcelain’ soundtrack blasting through our ears, we lifted off from the green emerald fjord, up into the clear skies. The psychedelic music made a dramatic start to our aerial tour of Southeast Alaska onboard a floatplane. We were nearing the end of our Southeast Alaska expedition onboard InnerSea Discoveries; after days of […]

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An Iceberg Tour in Southeast Alaska

Massive icebergs at LeConte Fjord

// Deep in the heart of Southeast Alaska, the aqua blue icebergs of Le Conte Fjord crackle. Unlike one would imagine, it sounds more like popcorn popping than ice crust cracking. Just as we drift away from the towering iceberg, an enormous chunk of ice falls off its face, plunging into the depth of the […]

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6 Types of Wildlife Safaris

types of wildlife safari

Getting up close and personal to wildlife and nature is an experience unlike no other. As a huge fan of wildlife-watching, I like to seek out far-flung corners of the world to mingle with wild animals, be it brown bears in Alaska or blue-foot boobies on the Galapagos Islands. Each of them provide a different […]

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Photoblog: Walking on Ice at Baird Glacier, Southeast Alaska

Hiking towards Baird Glacier, Alaska

// The cold glacial wind howls ferociously as our skiff races towards the imposing Baird Glacier. In the distance, the giant slab of white crusty ice seems to crackle with rage. As our group of travelers land on the rocky beach, we find ourselves on a seemingly different planet. Oddly-shaped giant pebbles strewn all over […]

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Journeying Into Alaska’s Backcountry

Seakayaking in Alaska

Eagles circle the clear skies above me, curious sea lions poke their heads out to observe our group of kayakers and the fishy smell of salmon fills the air. We are paddling through Southeast Alaska’s Walker Cove, a narrow inlet branching out of Misty Fjord, flanked by plundering cliffs that reach up to heights of […]

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