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Palm Springs: A Quirky Oasis in the Desert

Quirky Palm Springs

Quirky Palm Springs On our recent trip to California, we made quirky Palm Springs our first stop. We were eager to explore the desert and bask in the Californian sunshine. Traveling from the cold sub-zero temperatures of Norway, we were warmly welcomed by the balmy, desert air of Palm Springs. Needless to say, even Baby Kaleya loved the transition. […]

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For Love of the Land: Aloha Aina at Waihe’e Wetlands Refuge on Maui

the sand dunes and wetlands

A look at Hawaiian aloha aina culture. Share Tweet +13 Stumble Pin ShareShares 3

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Video: Stand Up Paddleboarding off Kaanapali Beach, Maui

Intro to paddleboarding

During our recent trip to Maui, we had the chance to take a crash course in stand up boarding — a sport I had long wanted to master. It wasn’t my first time; I’d tried it once in Spain and another time in Alaska but had never quite gotten the hang of it. So armed […]

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Diving Molokini Volcano Crater off Maui, Hawaii

diving molokini

Dark rocks, giant boulders, and aged patches of lava surround us. In the midst of these rock tunnels and small coral caves, our marine biologist guide Pauline shines her torch to find endemic marine animals poking their heads out, curiously staring at us. Instead of the usual colorful spectrum of corals that we see underwater, […]

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The Rooftop of Maui — Haleakala Volcano Crater

Our way to Haleakala

Rising above the island of Maui is the gentle giant, Haleakala Volcano. Standing at 10,023 feet (3,055 m) above sea level, it covers almost 75% of the island. While it’s no longer active, it remains a sacred spot for the native Hawaiians, and one of the most visited sights on Maui. According to Hawaiian folklore, the demigod Maui went to […]

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Video: Paragliding Above Maui


With big strides and arms swinging, I’m running as fast as I can. A huge force is pulling me from behind, but I ignore it and push myself forward and continue running. Within seconds, my feet are off the ground — and we are airborne. I stretch both my hands out, to feel the wind between my […]

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Photoblog: Maui At A Glance

At the summit of Haleakala Crater

Big swells, long beaches, tanned surfer dudes and hula girls: that was how I had imagined Hawaii to be. I had always thought Maui was all about beaches, beaches, and more beaches. But I couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve just returned from an action-packed week in Maui, and my perspectives of Hawaii have completely changed. Granted, there […]

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Aloha from Maui, Hawai’i!


This spring/summer, we have been eagerly chasing the sun – from the Caribbean island of St Kitts to cruising in Fiji, bird watching in Honduras, liming in the Grenadines, and now getting active on Maui. This is the last stop of our island-themed trip before we head back to Spain, so we’re determined to make the most out of it! It’s our first time here in Hawaii (which […]

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Highlights of Whistler’s World Ski & Snowboard Festival


The World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, Canada is famous for its vibrant energy, with a vast array of music, sports, and arts jam-packed into ten sleepless days and nights. Boasting Canada’s largest free outdoor concert series, the music starts early and stays up late, with over 10,000 visitors passing by its two stages. […]

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Hitting the Slopes: Learning to Ski In Whistler, Canada


On the day of my first-ever ski lesson in Whistler, I was harboring a bit of a secret: I was absolutely terrified to try skiing. As I fumbled my way down the stairs of Salomonin rented ski boots whilst juggling an unwieldy pair of skis, I couldn’t help but remember my first – and only – snowboarding […]

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Miami Beach From Above

elcome to Miami! Buckle up and prepare for the ride!” Our pilot for the day shouts through the speaker on his headphones as we prepare to take off. We are at North Perry Airport, located 20 miles north of downtown Miami and we about to start our scenic flight around Miami. It doesn’t take long […]

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Cruising the 10,000 Islands of the Everglades

Alberto on the boat

Across the coast of southwest Florida lies the Ten Thousand Islands, dotting the vast waterways of the Everglades like speckles of stardust. Lush, tropical and foreboding, these tiny islets form the largest expanse of mangrove forest in North America. These islands are also home to a rich diversity of native wildlife, including several endangered species. Despite the name, […]

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Diving into Paradise: Florida’s Secret Isle

View from above

The pearly white beach is empty, except for our footprints in the sand. A regal 19th-century fortress stands behind us, but apart from that, we are completely surrounded by sparkling, spearmint blue water. Alberto and I hold hands and smile at each other. It’s almost as if we’re on a private island, in the middle […]

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Highlights of Florida: Kayaking, Biking and Beach-Bumming

Kayaking Turner River

We’ve just left Florida, sunburned and happy after spending two weeks out on the beach and exploring the nature surrounding the state. From the sultry beachfront city of Miami, we traversed through the swamps to get to the Everglades National Park, where we cruised through the 10,000 islands and went kayaking in Turner River. We […]

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Experiencing Hurricane Isaac in Florida Keys

It was a perfect day at Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortugas National Park. The sun was blazing, the sky was clear and cloudless, and the sea glittered with hundreds shades of blue. Nothing in the horizon gave out that a day later, a tropical storm nicknamed Isaac would be roaring over these shores. We had […]

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