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Adventure Breaks in the UK: 5 Places to Include on the List

Paradise, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

he UK offers up some fantastic adventure breaks for solo and family travelers. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing hike through glorious countryside or looking to have the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit. Here are 5 top spots for a great adventure… The […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Wales,

The watch-tower of the Cardiff Castle in Wales.

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Photoblog: Old Meets New at Cardiff Bay, Wales

Cardiff bay, Wales

Strolling through the languid streets of downtown Cardiff, it’s hard to believe that this calm city is the capital of the country. Wales, being the brother of England, is a country on its own, distinctive in culture, landscape and history. Yet not many people know this. Perhaps that’s …

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The Welsh Showdown: Making Paper out of Sheep Poo

Sheep Poo Paper from Wales

It definitely doesn’t get more bizarre than this: seeing heaps of sheep poo converted into thick sheets of recycled paper. And that’s not just it. We are getting down and dirty and trying our hands at making sheep poo paper ourselves. It’s Day 4 of …

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The Welsh Showdown: Coasteering and Cliff-Jumping

Coasteering in Wales

Legs wobbly, stomach queasy, I am about to take the leap off a 15-feet tall cliff. Looking down at the churning waters, my head swirls but before I know it, I’m in the air, plunging feet first into the sea. Seconds later I resurface, only to be swept …

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The Welsh Showdown: Bushcrafting

Our Bushcrafting site in Gower Woods

It’s not everyday I find myself bushcrafting in the middle of the Gower Forest in South Wales but there I was – with nothing but two chunks of wood – attempting to start a fire the way prehistoric men did.  We are on our next challenge of the …

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The Welsh Showdown: Learning the Language!

the Welsh language

I used to think of myself as quite the linguist, not until Welsh came and threw my language skills right out the window. Day 1 of the Great Welsh Showdown and we’re already faced with a pretty darn interesting challenge: picking up the old Celtic language of Welsh. …

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