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Madagascar: Laidback Beach Town of Morondava

// “Mora mora.” Slowly, slowly. Everywhere you go in Madagascar, you see and hear these words. But in Morondava, it takes on new meaning. Here, mora mora is a way of life – there’s no rush to get anywhere, nor stress to get things done. It’s where you go to kick back, relax and let […]

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Photoblog: Life Along the Tsiribihina River, Madagascar

Before setting off for Madagascar, I dreamt about its wildlife, its forests and its cities; but only after the trip did I realize that the most memorable moments of my trip were spent watching the locals. I remember watching them sell sugarcane on the streets, make cakes on their steaming hot pans, paint each other’s […]

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Climbing Madagascar’s Stone Forest – Tsingy de Bemaraha

// They don’t call this the ‘wild west’ for nothing. Red Earth, robust baobab trees and brownish rivers – the remote Western region of the country epitomizes Madagascar at its most exotic. With few roads connecting here to the rest of the country, this hard-to-reach region is pockmarked with hidden caves, towering cliffs, winding rivers […]

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World’s Most Unearthly Landscapes

Eerie, dramatic and enigmatic: certain landscapes on Earth can be so unworldly, they’re reminscent of scenes from outer space. Many of these hotspots have been sculpted by the hands of Mother Nature, moulded into intriguing destinations that have captivated the imagination of modern-day travelers. While space travel still seems to …

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Cape Town – From Wildlife Safaris to Cage Shark Diving

// This is a guest post by Mohamed Khazma. To think of a top destination in Africa is far less obvious than the choices available in Europe – but there’s Cape Town, Africa’s answer to tourist hubs. Cape Town’s position to the southern tip of Africa makes it an ideal location and a significant player […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Asilah, Morocco

A blue Arabic gate in the seaside town of Asilah, Morocco.

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Wildlife-watching in the Kirindy Nature Reserve, Madagascar

// During our trip to Madagascar, the Kirindy Forest Reserve was our first stop and it also proved to be the highlight of the trip. We’d come to Madagascar to see wildlife, and Kirindy definitely did not disappoint. Located in one of the most remote corners of Madagascar, the Kirindy Forest Reserve is home to […]

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Namibia uncovered – Land, Sand, Sky and Water

// This is a guest post by Mohamed Khazma. With its vivid contrast and sheer beauty, Namibia creates the unusual setting for an adventure destination – it covers every category of terrain; from the breathtaking Namib Desert and Namibian coast, the Central Plateau – Namibia’s main economic infrastructure and social area; the Great Escarpment mountainous […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Mauritius

An aerial shot of the southeastern tip of Mauritius.

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Faces of Madagascar

// I love interacting with people when I travel – locals, expats, guides or peddlers, they are the ones who tell the story of a country. During our trip through Madagascar, I was especially drawn to its people: the Malagasies are an optimistic, hardworking and resilient bunch. As we walked through markets and drove past […]

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Captivating Moments – Catching Sunset at Avenue du Baobab, Madagascar

// There are some things in life that are so beautiful they often leave us speechless and moved to tears. For me, watching sunset along the Baobab Avenue in Madagascar is one of them. The Avenue du Baobab in Western Madagascar might be one of the most touristy spots in the country, but its natural […]

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Madagascar Unmasked: Wildlife, Nature and Beautiful People

// There are few places as remote and wild as Madagascar, and even fewer that offer such fulfilling and authentic travel experiences. La Grand Île (as it is known in French, meaning the big island) is like nowhere else on Earth: it is home to a unique group of endemic animals and plants which had […]

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Greetings from the Paradisical Island of Mauritius!

Belle Mare beach, Mauritius

Here’s a quick update to let you guys know that I’ve found paradise! An emerald isle found in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is all that I’d imagine it to be, and more. Surrounded by turquoise sea and cluttered with luscious green rainforests, this tropical island is packed with plenty of surprises. Since […]

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Daily Travel Photo: Marrakech, Morocco

Djemma el Fna market in Marrakech

Sheep’s head galore in the outdoor market of Djemma el Fna in Marrakech, Morocco.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Bomang’ombe, Tanzania

Market day in Bomang’ombe, a village in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

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