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Interesting Tribes from Around the World

A Huli wigman with face painting

During our adventure travels, we’ve had the fortune of meeting numerous interesting tribes who live in isolated, remote corners of the world and have truly preserved their cultures and traditions. For certain places like Papua New Guinea, the intriguing tribal culture was what drew us to visit. As always, I believe it’s the people who […]

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Meet The Huli Wigmen of Tari Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Napata, the wig specialist

When the first European explorers found their way into the Highlands of Papua New Guinea in the 1930’s, they didn’t find the mountain ranges they were expecting. Instead, they chanced upon heavily cultivated valleys and over one million people living here. Today, this part of the PNG is still the most densely populated area of […]

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A History Lesson in San Javier, Mexico

San Javier Mission

**Our teammate Elica Sue was recently in Baja California, Mexico. Here’s one of her stories from her trip to Loreto, stay tuned for more.** “More than 8,000 people come to visit for the fiesta on 3rd December,” said our guide, referring to their patron saint day. As our van pulled into town,  we were greeted by […]

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Surprising Peru

**We’re now publishing full feature articles from WildJunket Magazine! Here is a Travel Guide article about Peru by our contributor Esme Fox. From the mystical peaks of the Andes to the verdant Amazon rainforest, Peru defies all expectations with a mix of ancient ruins, colonial cities and endless opportunities for adventure.  By Esme Fox | Originally published […]

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Dinner Etiquette: How to Eat Abroad

For my first post on WildJunket blog, I thought I’ll start by discussing dinner etiquettes, an issue that I’m often concerned about  when traveling to a new country. If friends and acquaintances are kind enough to show you around their home country and share their culture with you, the last thing you’d want to do […]

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Travel Misadventures in Kyrgyzstan

Our host with his eagle

// This is a guest post by Andy Jarosz. We had walked for three hours to reach a cluster of large yurts. They had been erected only a few feet apart on an otherwise empty mountainside; for warmth I presumed, despite the very pleasant midday sunshine. We would be spending our first night in the […]

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The Ultimate Piping Challenge: Blowing the Asturian Bagpipe

young Asturian bagpipe player

During my recent trip to Asturias, I gave a shot at playing the bagpipes (you know me, I had to give everything a go). I don’t want to blow my own horn, but for a first-timer, I didn’t do too badly though my travel mates who were there …

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Photoblog: Flag-waving Ceremony in Lucca, Italy

flag-waver in Lucca Italy

Knees bent, chest raised, the flag-waver uses all his strength to thrust his flag high into the sky. Tension heightens amidst the crowd as the Italian national flag soars towards the San Martino bell tower. Whop! The young sbandieratore catches his flags with much precision, and the crowd roars …

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Celebrating Italy’s 150th Birthday in Lucca

Lucca streets decked in italian flags

// Splashed in the national colors of green, white and red, the streets of Lucca are buzzing in a festive mood. Powered up for Italy’s birthday celebrations, locals take to the streets with the Italian flag in hand and pride in their hearts.  Despite the drizzle, the energy is impalpable and the atmosphere contagious. It’s […]

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Photoblog: The Last Remaining Tatau Tribe of Sarawak, Borneo


// It’s a hot and wet afternoon in the tropics of Sarawak, Borneo. The jungle surrounding us is an artful assemblage of bamboo and palm trees, draped over the river banks. We are gliding through the murky waters of Sungei Tatau, flanked on both sides by lush foliage. Our destination: the last remaining Tatau longhouse […]

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Off the Beaten Path: Hong Kong

Hongkong hiking tour

// Today’s sponsored post brings us alittle closer to home, the vibrant, dynamic city of Hong Kong. Riding on a tram to the top of The Peak, catching the Star Ferry across the harbour, gawping at the incredible skyline and shopping at one of the many markets are all must-dos when visiting Hong Kong. But […]

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India’s Royal Pink City of Jaipur

Palace of Winds, Hawa Mahal

From the desert city of Jaisalmer, we continued our journey eastwards towards one of the most popular destinations in India. Along with Delhi and Agra, Jaipur forms the third corner of India’s tourist circuit, the Golden Triangle. At the heart of Jaipur lies the Pink City, an old walled …

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Photoblog: The Desert City of Jaisalmer, India

Jailsamer fort from the city

Poised at the edge of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is blanketed in golden-brown sand, evocative of Arabian tales and legends. The town itself is a wonder: Studded with stone forts and palaces that resemble sand castles, the enchanting city is one of Rajasthan’s secret gems. Its sandstone ramparts, tanned to a honeycomb color …

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India’s Romantic Lake City, Udaipur

Lake City, Udaipur, by night

Said to be the most romantic city in Rajasthan – if not India, Udaipur has won the heart of many, including mine. With a poetic setting around the shores of Lake Picchola, backdropped by gentle rolling hills, it’s easy to see why. But if you’ve come expecting to find …

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