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Do you like photography as much as we do? At WildJunket, we’re always on the lookout for great travel photography to showcase on our magazine. We pride ourselves on featuring some of the best travel photography in the digital world and we’re thankful to be working with so many talented photographers to convey our passion for unconventional travel.

Our Snapshot section features photo contributions from readers – whether you’re a novice or an expert photographer. If you’re passionate about travel and photography, send us your favorite travel shot and we’ll publish the best ones along with your name, headshot and a link (if you have a website).

Submission Guidelines

We’re very open with respect to subject and style as long as the photo is striking, sharp and gives a sense of a place. The images can be of a landscape, person, wildlife or culture (instead of a city or urban sights). We have featured colorful and explosive photos from the icebergs of Antarctica to the Kalahari Desert and the farmlands of Mali.  In short, we’re seeking crisp, appealing images that inspire and awe, capturing the true meaning of traveling far and traveling light. Please also refer to previous issues of WildJunket Magazine and and get an idea of the type of photos we run.

These are the only essential points we look for:

  • Horizontal images
  • Bigger than 3,000 x 3,000px
  • Sharp and clear with no editing needed

Here are some samples:

Oman by Iain Mallory

Photo of Wahiba Sands in Oman by Iain Mallory

Photo of Perito Moreno by Karlijn Meulman

Photo of sunset in the Negev Desert by Mirella Matthiesen

Meerkats in the Kalahari by Dale Morris

Photo of meerkats in the Kalahari by Dale Morris

Besides the photo, we also need the following items:

  • a 100-word description of how and where you took the photo and why it’s special to you
  • a high-res headshot of yourself
  • your full name
  • your link (if you have any)

Please send all these items to [email protected] or share them with us on our Facebook page.

If we decide to publish your photo, we will notify you and send you a free copy of the magazine when it’s published. Thanks again for your interest in contributing!

*Don’t forget our latest magazine issue is FREE this week (16-22July)! You can also download our new WildJunket app to access our magazine issues from there.

About Nellie Huang

Nellie Huang is a professional travel writer and blogger with a special interest in off-grid destinations and adventure travel. Her mission is to visit every country in the world. In her quest, she's climbed an active volcano in Iceland, swam with sealions in the Galapagos, built a school in Tanzania, waddled with penguins in Antarctica, crossed into North Korea and drank beer in Palestine.

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