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Win $400 Worth of Outdoor Travel Prizes

win free prizes outdoor travel prizes

Here’s your chance to win outdoor travel prizes from our sponsors. It’s time for another giveaway! Barely a month has passed since our last giveaway and we’re doing yet another one. This time, I’ve teamed up with ReddyYeti, a community of outdoor sport enthusiasts who support innovative and ethically run startups. These companies tend to be […]

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The Perfect Gift for Map Lovers (And a Giveaway!)

World map giveaway

I have a thing for world maps. I am so obsessed with maps that I’ve filled my house with maps of different sizes, designs and patterns. Our baby’s nursery is littered with globes and atlas, and an entire wall in our study room is dedicated to a world map marked with the places we’ve been. I even […]

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Win a Nexus 5X Smartphone from TripVerse!

TripVerse Nexus 5X giveaway

s a travel writer and fanatic planner, I use a lot – I mean, A LOT – of technological gadgets and apps to help me plan my trips smarter, faster and better. I’ve shared a few travel fads here with you, including TripVerse, one of my favorite travel tools that’s easy to use and extremely useful. […]

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Win Travel Themed Products from Airportag!


*******This contest has ended. Congrats to Katie Hale for winning the giveaway!****** s a self-confessed travel addict, I’ve always been a fan of travel themed stuff — from world map decals to atlas necklaces. My home is decorated with antique globes, vintage airplane models, face masks and paintings I’ve collected from different parts of the world. […]

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Share Your Travel Plans with Us And Win a GoPro

Photo taken with GoPro

************This contest has ended. Congrats to Rhian Nelmes for winning!************ It’s been almost five months since I last traveled out of Spain (the longest I’ve stayed put in the last 8 years) and I can’t wait to hit the road this summer! I’ve just booked our first international trip with the baby for August and […]

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Tech Talk: Why Travel with VPN (Plus a Giveaway!)

VyprVPN screenshot

As a travel writer and blogger, I do most of my work online, so having internet access is important to me regardless of where I go. Since I spend almost 60% of the time on the road, it’s not always easy to find stable, fast and secure internet. I also tend to travel to many […]

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Save Rhinos from Extinction and Win $30,000 Worth of Prizes!

Wild rhino at Lake Nakuru, Kenya

The rhino situation in South Africa is critical, with one being poached every 7 hours. Current predictions suggest they’ll go extinct in the wild within 20 years if the current poaching rate continues. As you probably know by now, we are huge wildlife fans and it breaks our hearts to know that rhinos are suffering […]

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Win a Free Trip to India!

India trip giveaway

Since launching our Rickshaw Run fundraising campaign two weeks ago, we’ve received so much kind support from you guys. Here’s a big THANK YOU! But our fundraising goal is $4,000 and we’re still a long way to go from our target — we need your help! India is home to a third of the world’s poorest community, with […]

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Donate to Charity and Win Travel Prizes!


Yesterday we finally announced our plans to do the Rickshaw Run in January 2015! Now that we’ve shared the news with you, it just got real. This is going to be the craziest thing we’ve ever done and it sure is going to be one hell of a challenge, but we won’t be able to do it without you. […]

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Guess Where I Am (and Win a Free Trip for Two to New Zealand!)


Now that my trip to Australia has come to an end, I’ve just arrived in New Zealand for  even more exciting adventures! This time I’ll be traveling with my main partner, Canadian small-group adventure tour operator, G Adventures, as one of their Wanderers in Residence. I’m joining a group of young travelers on the Best of New Zealand tour […]

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Christmas Greetings (Plus a Book to Give Away!)

The Adventure Traveler

Christmas is right around the corner — how and where are you celebrating? Last year we had a gorgeous white Christmas in Norway and it was the perfect setting for the festive season, but we won’t forget the miserable X’mas dinner we had (made up of instant noodles and a hotdog) at the only place […]

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Reminiscing about Myanmar… and a Free Trip to Give Away!


**This contest has now ended.** Of all the countries we’ve been, Myanmar has always been my favorite country in Asia. Burma captivates with its Buddhist pagodas, pious monks, chaotic streets, and outstanding landscapes. From the shimmering Shwedagon Paya in Yangon to the stupa-studded landscapes of Bagan and the poetic water world of Inle Lake, Myanmar is unlike anywhere else […]

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Conquer Summer with our SlotFlops GiveAway!


This summer has been an extremely busy one as we traveled from Hawaii to the Adriatic coast of the Balkans and soon the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius. Thankfully, we’ve partnered up with ArchPort® to tide us through the summer waves and have a peace of mind when having fun at the beach. ArchPort®’s new […]

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Introducing Our New Travel Companion: KEEN CNX Shoes (And a Giveaway!)

Because of the active nature of our travels, we’re always out and about wherever we go — whether in the water scrambling on rocky river beds or out on land climbing steep slopes. We realized we needed hybrid outdoor footwear that can withstand such rugged conditions and protect our feet at the same time. While we’ve always traveled with our sturdy hiking […]

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Announcing the Winners of Our Wimdu Giveaway

Last month, we partnered up with short-term apartment rental company Wimdu to give away 10 vouchers worth $25 each. We asked you to share with us how you would use the vouchers and you responded. Thank you for sharing your travel stories with us! As for our partner Wimdu, we’ve got nothing but nice things […]

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