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A photo essay of the stunning cliffs of Algarve, Portugal

Along the craggy coastline of Algarve,  sandy-brown cliffs studded with green foliage run for miles alongside the Atlantic Ocean. These rock outcrops that jut out along the shore resemble the Twelve Apostles in Victoria, Australia; yet the flashy beach boulevards here are unmistakably European. Surfers get ready to ride the waves while holidaymakers lounge under the shade of the cliffs to soak in the languid undercurrent.

A few months back, Alberto and I took a road trip from our base in Spain to Algarve, Portugal, in search of some sun, sand and the sea. Algarve is a popular stop on any Portugal itinerary, and it’s best known for its stunning setting and wild beaches. Here are some photos to take you through our journey – enjoy!

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cliffs of algarve portugal

  A secluded beach near Portimão stretches for miles without a single person in sight.

cliffs algarve portugalSandy-brown rock cliffs line the entire coastline of Algarve.

cliffs algarve portugal   View from above – rocky outcrops strongly braving the ferocious waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

cliffs algarve portugalPeeking through the roof of a sea cave.


cliffs algarve portugal  A lookout point atop the cliff’s edge.

cliffs algarve portugal    A surfer gets ready to ride the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.