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Christmas is almost here, and we are excited to take a break from work and just enjoy beautiful Oslo, Norway. Even though we are spending the festive season on the road, traveling around Scandinavia by train on the Ice Run, we will be taking time off to relax, have a Christmas dinner, and immerse in the wonderful atmosphere here.

This Christmas is particularly special because we had the opportunity to meet the original Santa Claus. Just a few weeks ago, we were in his official hometown, Rovaniemi. We even visited Santa’s main post office, where every single letter – whether posted to Lapland or simply Santa Claus – is delivered. When we were there, Santa’s elves were busy wrapping gifts and replying to letters from kids all over the world. I felt like a child all over again.

On this festive season, we hope you’ll get the chance to feel like a kid  and be blessed with warmth and happiness.


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