Budget Travel: Beating Student Holiday Blues

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It’s that time of the year again – school’s over and it’s time to let your hair down, hang out and perhaps do a bit of traveling if your pocket can afford it. Looking at your dwindling bank account, is that even possible? Today’s sponsored post is going to help you beat those blues and give you some ideas on how to travel on the cheap! From busking to visiting free attractions, there are a thousand and one ways to make fulfill your wanderlust this holiday.

Holidays created from sofa change and optimism

If you’re a student and you don’t have the good fortune to be rolling in cash from wealthy parents or an internet start up you made in your early teens, then cash is often a little tight. As the academic years roll on, the student loan piles up and it’s hard to set aside cash for a holiday when food, books and beer take higher priority (though not necessarily in that order).

However, a break is necessary if that academic brain is going to avoid being overworked. So here are some ideas for students to construct cheap holidays on the barest of budgets:

Road Tripping

Make sure you don’t own the car in the first place – it’s much cheaper if you have a buddy to fulfill that role. Then, with a minimal contribution to the petrol/diesel fund, your travel costs can be a mere fraction of what you might expect to pay in order to get away. Be sure to bring lots of like-minded friends along, as the more in the car, the lighter the dent in your wallet from the fuel contributions. As a bonus, if things get really tight cash-wise, you can always sleep in the vehicle.

Walk Your Socks Off



Taking the shoelace express is a wonderful travelling tradition. Think of the triple benefit: you save money on travel costs, keep fit and take in more of your surroundings. Just make sure you pick a place that’s worth walking around, somewhere of either stunning natural or man-made beauty. If you wanted to be really hardcore with your walking, then pick a destination to walk to! That would to seriously impressive (provided it’s some distance away) and the journey becomes the holiday.

Sleep on the Beach

Why waste good money on accommodation if there’s a perfectly soft and sandy beach available? The extra fun part is that you can build yourself the sand-sculpture bed of your dreams. Please do check when the tide is due in and how far it reaches in order to avoid any watery interruptions to your sleep.

Plan free trips and attractions



A surprising number of cities host free attractions of exceptional quality these days. There are not as many national museums and art galleries that are free to the public as there should be, but plenty do exist. Sure there’s often a ‘suggestion’ price for public contributions… but that’s for rich people, not for students. So seek out these refuges of the down-at-heel traveller who is jonesing for a culture fix.

(Featured above is a night shot of the most excellent Imperial War Museum in London, free entry and home to an incredible collection of war artifacts, vehicles, exhibitions and interactive features that are educational for any age.)

Busk Your Way Through



Busking is another beloved traditional street theatre, unfortunately it often requires a license (depending on where you go) in order to do it legally, but if you’re in a foreign country you can always feign ignorance should the local law turn up and things start to look dicey. A great aspect of busking is that nobody expects you to be any good, taking the pressure off if you’re not too accomplished musically.

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4 Responses to “Budget Travel: Beating Student Holiday Blues”

  1. Gurdeep October 18, 2010 10:44 pm #

    Hey wish i was back at Uni, roadtrips were the best… still have some great memories ((from what i can remember))

  2. RebeccaJPatching October 18, 2010 11:14 pm #

    I busked my way through Spain once… and cleaned in hostels! Great way for cheap travel though quite time-intensive… not sure I would travel that way again but fun when you're young and skint!!

    • Nellie October 19, 2010 5:03 pm #

      Interesting! Busking just looks so fun and interesting – great way to earn some money while traveling too!

  3. Jimbo October 20, 2010 1:00 am #

    Helps if you've had a bit to drink if you want to sleep on a beach, the sand getting everywhere becomes far less problematic!

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