The Adventure Traveler’s Handbook

Adventure Handbook

What is the Book About? 

The Adventure Traveler’s Handbook provides a mixture of on-the-ground tips and inspirational stories for both new and experienced outdoor explorers. Featuring all aspects of adventure travel from technical planning and training to travel safety and winter survival skills, it is an indispensable guide to exploring bold new ways to travel.

The Adventure Traveler’s Handbook provides:

  • Ways to plan adventure-themed trips.
  • How to find the company that suits you.
  • The best spots for various outdoor sports.
  • Picking and packing the right technical gear.
  • Technical planning and safety tips for five activities: trekking, diving, cycling, kayaking and skiing.
  • Traveling to forbidden lands: how to stay safe.
  • Travel stories and tips from adventurers, sports enthusiasts and long-term travelers.




Why an Adventure Handbook?

I stumbled upon adventure travel by pure accident.

I was 14 and it was my first time in Thailand, but my father had grand plans for me beyond the standard massage and beach bumming routine.

I went bungee jumping for the first time. And it changed my life.

It was that rush of energy that got me hooked to the idea of trying new things and seeing the world in a different angle. Once I graduated from college in Singapore, I left home and set off to see the world with my husband. We went on island-hopping jaunts in Greece, road trips around Turkey, cultural immersions in Morocco, and eventually longer volunteering stints in Africa and South America.

Adventure became a theme that linked our travels. We found ourselves connecting with the great outdoors. We were always happier surrounded by wide open spaces — whether in the mountains, desert, or sea — and seeing new places through exciting activities. Outdoor sports like skydiving, paragliding, and scuba diving not only gave us a rush but they gave us different perspectives of the world.

In 2008, I started a travel blog,, in the midst of our travels to share my stories with friends and family. The blog eventually grew into one of the most popular adventure travel resources on the internet, with a community of readers supporting me along the way. In 2011, my husband and I took it a step further by launching a digital iPad publication, WildJunket Magazine. As an extension of my website, it acts as another platform through which we interact with our community and reach out to even more adventure travelers out there.

In line with my travel blog and magazine, The Adventure Traveler’s Handbook has been created with the hope of inspiring you to conquer your fears with the right mix of motivation, preparation, and safety precautions. I will guide you along from the start to the end, including how to plan an adventure-themed trip, how to find pick and pack technical gear, how to keep your fears at bay, and how to stay safe. With a mixture of personal tips and inspiration stories (of my own and others), I aim to provide the fundamental tools that you need to explore bold new ways to travel.

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Reviews of The Adventure Traveler’s Handbook

“Just like the nudge Nellie received from an overzealous bungee-jumping attendant who sent her plunging into a life of adventure, this guide provides the perfect launching point for all budding nomads to get out there and truly experience the world. Balancing evocative prose with seasoned advice and meticulously researched tips, Nellie succeeds in putting together an inspirational, hands-on manual that takes us to far flung corners from North Korea to South Africa.”

              — Trent Holden, travel guidebook writer

“From an enforced bungee novice jump to a career as a successful travel publisher, Nellie has walked the walk and talked the talk – and has now put it all together as a brilliant guide to all travelers. Listen to this woman, because she’s been there and done it.”

              —  Steve Keenan, Travel Perspective and former deputy travel editor, The Times

“From expeditions to safaris to mountain trekking, to the best places to cycle, scuba and paddle, and even what to wear while you’re at it. This is an invaluable guide not just to adventure, but to worldwide travel as a whole.”

              —  Dave Cornthwaite, adventurer and author of Life in the Slow Lane

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