Adventure Breaks in the UK: 5 Places to Include on the List

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The UK offers up some fantastic adventure breaks for solo and family travelers. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing hike through glorious countryside or looking to have the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit. Here are 5 top spots for a great adventure…

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are the epitome of traditional and cultural English life, as it is a place where many people travel near and far to get some much needed relaxation. Farm stays are located there and offer fantastic bonding opportunities through teamwork and good old fashioned, manual labour.

These make perfect family breaks and are certain to keep the kids off their phones. There are also plenty of activities to do in the Cotswolds, and depending on what time of year you visit will determine what is available. Overall, the Cotswolds are the ideal place to go to when you want to get a break from the busy city lifestyle.

Paradise, Cotswolds, GloucestershireFlickr image by Kumwenl


 In northern Wales is the region of Snowdonia, which was the very first national park in the country. Snowdonia is home to endless mountain ranges that are perfect for hiking, climbing, and exploring while reconnecting with Mother Nature at the same time.   There are also lots of different kinds of animals that roam the park, such as goats, polecats, otters, and many others that are a delight to see in person if you are lucky enough. The numerous ridges to climb are also popular with visitors, as they are some of the favorite mountain hiking spots in all of the country. 'Sunny Sundays' - Cwm Idwal, SnowdoniaFlickr image by Kris Williams


Cornwall is a highly visited beach town known for its amazing blue waters, white sands, and impeccable beauty throughout the town. If you are looking to learn how to surf, than spending a week in Cornwall will certainly get you started.

There are also many holiday homes for you to rent out during your time, so you can get an adequate amount of relaxation in addition to any of adventurous activity you might want to take in, including the beautiful walking an cycling routes in the area.

Lands' end, Cornwall, United KingdomFlickr image by Giuseppe Milo

The Lake District

The Lake District in England is one of the most gorgeous areas in the entire country and a popular stop for any tour of the UK. Spend a day driving around the district and exploring all of the winding roads, natural hiking paths, and numerous teahouses that are throughout the region.

In addition to that, on a day with great weather there is no better place to spend the day than packing a picnic and enjoying the English wild mountainside. The Lake District isn’t too far away from most major Northern cities that also make it an appealing destination for short or last minute trips. It offers a fantastic opportunity to get back to basics and engage in wonderful experiences.

Looking out over Eskdale Flickr image by Alan Cleaver

A Night in a Historic Castle

If it is adventure that you are looking for, there is nothing quite as thrilling and exciting as spending a night in one of the many ancient castles in the United Kingdom. There are so many of these historic structures that have been turned into lodges, and depending on what your taste is there is something for everyone.

If it is comfort you like, many of the options out there have been converted into luxury resorts. For the more daring at heart there are known to be haunted castles that welcome nightly visitors who are a bit braver!

Lumely castle EnglandFlickr image by barnyz

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