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With acres of unexplored rainforests, pasture land and a monster of a mountain rising from its center, Nevis is indeed an island made for adventure. Having hiked through its jungle and biked down its slopes, we found yet another alternative way of exploring the rugged terrain of the island: on board a 4×4 Polaris Ranger with Funky Monkey Tours.

Our feisty ride for the day took us through bamboo forests, muddy jungles and old sugar plantations. Along the way, we passed quiet villages – one of which was aptly named ‘hard times’ – and we met curious islanders who waved at us enthusiastically, welcoming us to their island. At the Hermitage and Golden Rock, we wandered through the grounds of boutique hotels converted from sugar estates. From vantage points, we took in views of the Atlantic Ocean coastline and Mount Nevis. And along the way, we even stumbled upon the island’s famous velvet monkeys and sipped the island’s legendary ting with a sting (a local lime beverage with rum).

This is the real Caribbean: where lush rainforests sprawl across the island, soothing Caribbean music echo through the streets of its capital, and beaches run for miles with no one in sight. Unlike other tourist-oriented Caribbean islands, Nevis has kept its natural environment in pristine condition and retained a sense of authenticity. We’re glad to have found our way into the island’s backcountry and uncovered the real Nevis.

Here are some of Alberto’s photos from our 4×4 adventures, hope they give you a look at Nevis’ backcountry.

Alberto at the wheel

Alberto ready to rumble

Mount Nevis in the distance

Mount Nevis looming in the distance

riding through the rainforest

Venturing into the jungle

Monkey business

Stumbling upon a velvet monkey by the roadside

Monkeys crossing

Monkey business

Our funky ride

 Loving our 4×4 ride

A view of the island from St Thomas Church

 A view of the island from St Thomas Anglican Church 

Meeting local children along the way

A group of young children running out of their house to say hi

An old house

A traditional house for the slaves back in the 15th century

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A village house

Friendly locals wave at us

Alberto and I on our 4x4 vehicle

Stopping for a drink

Abandoned sugar mill

sugar mill rises through the thick jungle foliage

Parts of an old sugar estate

Finding an abandoned sugar estate in the rain forest 

Ending our 4x4 tour on the beach

Our tour ends on Pinneys Beach, considered the best beach on Nevis

Disclaimer: This experience was made possible by St Kitts Tourism and Funky Monkey Tours, but all opinions expressed above are our own.