10 Unusual Cruise Holidays

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Since we’re on the topic of cruising lately, this week’s sponsored post features more cruise holidays – but these are not your average holiday cruises. Imagine lounging at an ice bar, go surfing or goof around on a bungee trampoline – all onboard your cruise ship. For the non-cruise believers, check out these ten things you never thought you’d be doing on a cruise ship, and it might just change your mind!

queen-mary-ship-d-580cs072810-1281621970 Photo from Luxist 

You might think that 21st century cruise liners make it easier than ever to see the world? Think again. How on earth does anyone find time for time on shore when there’s another celebrity chef demonstration to attend to? And what if Hawaii coincides with your final round play off in the over-sized Connect Four tournament?

You’ll be glad to know, of course, that all these devilish distractions are designed to while away the hours while you’re between destinations. But no one said you had to get off the golf course because your floating hotel had dropped anchor (although save that tricky put until it’s at least moored up). So, in celebration of the ever-expanding horizons modern cruising gives you, here are ten bizarre and brilliant things you can be getting up to while the world drifts by your porthole.

1.) Gaze at the Stars

Yes, even if it’s cloudy you can still take a trip around the celestial heavens, thanks to Cunard’s world-first floating planetarium on the Queen Mary II.


2.) Go Surfing…or skating

RCI’s Freedom of the Seas features a unique ‘Flow-Rider’ designed to give you all the thrills of catching the ‘big one’ without having to walk the plank. And many RCI ships have on-board skating rinks too!


3.)  Chill out!

Norwegian Cruise Liners have introduced real Ice Bars on two of their ships – so you can be cruising the Caribbean, and have to put on your thermals to go to the bar and order a drink!

4.) Take a trip around Central Park

RCI’s Oasis of the Seas actually features a central park, with grassy lawns, park benches and mature trees, so you can meet in the park before heading off for dinner!


5.) Bid for a masterpiece

Princess cruises stage regular Art Auctions. Just make sure you don’t beckon the waiter over at the wrong moment. You may end up with an unwanted Picasso and a hefty price tag!


6.) Go 3-D Crazy

Disney cruise ships are the first to show the latest Disney 3D films – so you can be up to date with the latest Toy Story adventures while still at sea!

3Dtechnology on Disney Cruises  

7.) Watch the tide rise onboard

Not as scary as it sounds. The Rising Tide Pub, on some of RCI’s larger ships, is a bar that rises from one deck to another! Order your drink on deck three, and have it rise up to deck four!


8.) A drop in the ocean!

P&O Cruises really give you the chance to let your hair down… by plunging from their bungee trampoline on the Ventura. It’s a great playground for the wild at heart!

photo-s1-2 Photo from the Travel Editor

9.) Enjoy the fun-fair

RCI’s Oasis of the Seas has the world’s first Carousel at sea, not to mention a tattoo artist and psychic. Maybe she could tell us what’s the next crazy thing cruise ships have up their sleeves?


10.) Do nothing at all

All cruise liners have acres of space where you can do nothing more taxing than stretch out, read a good book, and relax. And, after all that, we think you’ve earned your place in the sun.


This post was written by travel blogger Ross Fraser who has a passion for unusual travels and an inclination to pick up the quirky bits in life.


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  1. Sophie Viaggio October 12, 2010 9:01 am #

    Another good on-board attraction I saw once was the Pacific Circus act onboard the Pacific Jewel (and will be on the Pacific Pearl when it launches). Basically they have a Circ du Soleil type act performing as you pull out of the wharf in Sydney and as you pass the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, pretty spectacular…

  2. PNR Status October 29, 2010 3:45 pm #

    Amazing snaps.The cruise holidays are always good as these snaps seems me pretty interesting.

  3. Ryoichi January 2, 2013 8:19 am #

    I totally agree with the comenmt concerning the availability of flights. The additional costs involved are quite prohibitive.I tried to get a couple of return flights for a Seabourn offer, sailing from Venice in early August. The cheapest I could get was a3800 return !! It does rather take the gloss off some of the current cruise offers.

  4. Cindy Lu January 3, 2013 8:56 pm #

    Having cruise holidays along with your family and friends is worth the cost. It is an experience your family will cherish for many years.

  5. @silver_compass January 24, 2013 6:52 am #

    This is a really good insight into why a cruise holiday works so well. There's a cruise holiday to suit everyone – these are great examples of the perfect holiday for families with teenagers and younger children as well as couples and groups of singles. If you're worried about the cost of flights, go for cruise lines which include them in the price. And when looking at the prices, don't forget how much is included (and make sure you know what's not included). They compare very favourably with the equivalent shore-based holiday. There's plenty of options from the most adventurous explorer to the most hedonistic.

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