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Photoblog: Flamingos and Rhinos at Lake Nakuru

Flamingos taking off

By the time we arrived at Lake Nakuru in Kenya, we had already seen many of the big animals of Africa in the Masai Mara including lions, elephants, buffalos, hippos and even cheetahs. But we’d yet to see all of the Big Five, with just the leopard and rhino missing from our list. Here on the shores of Lake […]

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On Safari in Kenya: Lions, Cheetahs and the Annual Migration at the Masai Mara Reserve


Over thousands of wildebeests and zebras sprawl across the vast grasslands, peppering the landscape that runs for miles into the horizon. We’ve seen them before – but now to see them in such big numbers is just impressive. As we drive further along the rolling hills and surprisingly green fields, the sheer sight of the thousands of animals before us leaves us silent in awe. […]

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The Best of East Africa: Gorillas, the Big Five, and Village Life

Children of Bomani Primary School

After three weeks of traveling East Africa, I’m back at our home base in Spain and eager to share my experiences here. East Africa is a part of the world that’s particularly special to me. Five years ago, Alberto and I volunteered in a village in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – and as cliché as it sounds, […]

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Elephants Crossing: Wildlife Safari on the Chobe River

wildlife safari on the chobe river

Out on the brackish water, two enormous heads bobbed on the surface. We cruised nearer for a closer look. Two teenage elephants emerged from the water, their bulky bodies towering over our small boat. Flapping their ears, they moved swiftly towards the land. “They’re just swimming across the river to Sedudu Island. Don’t worry, they […]

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Photoblog: Wildlife Watching at Victoria Falls Reserve, Zimbabwe

Buffalos staring at us

Before us, across the sprawling savanna, stand a herd of over 50 buffaloes. Apart from the occasional stares, they are surprisingly oblivious to our presence – some of them fighting other bulls head to head, others strolling around the dry arid land. As the sun slowly disappears beyond the horizon, we leap off our jeep, crack open several bottles of […]

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Photoblog: Wildlife Encounters in Etosha National Park, Namibia

ions on your right!” Our driver’s voice crackled through the speakers in our truck. I grabbed my camera, fixed my lens to the maximum zoom and set my vision to the distance. We were game driving in Nambia’s Etosha National Park onboard a mammoth overland truck – I didn’t expect to see much wildlife up close, any animal in their […]

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Video: Floating in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

It’s barely dawn and the sky is already striated with purple streaks and wispy clouds. After a night of torrential rain, the air smells wet and fresh. Animals in the delta are quickly awaking, croaking away amidst the reeds. In the water around us, I spot a pair of eyes.  The creature is watching us […]

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5 National Parks in South Africa Worth Visiting

national parks in south africa

Although Kruger is undoubtedly the largest and most popular National Park in South Africa there are plenty of other wild venues scattered across the country that are, in my humble opinion, just as interesting if not more so. Here is a list of my favorite five wildlife and wilderness destinations and why it is that […]

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Top 5 African Countries for Wildlife Watching

top african countries for wildlife

// As a huge fan of wildlife watching, I’ve spied on a leopard up close in the Serengeti National Park, observed sea lions on the Galapagos Islands and tip-toed around a snoozing koala bear in Melbourne, Australia. Being able to observe wildlife in a natural setting is a rare, unique and one-in-a-million experience. Out of […]

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