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Annapurna Foothills Trek — Part II: Walking from Sunrise to Sunset

My favorite spot

Read first – Annapurna Foothills Trek Part I: A Walk in the Clouds Day 3: Arriving at Dhampus in the darkness – 18km It’s 7am by the time I leave the warmth of my sleeping bag and head down to the breakfast table on the open porch of Breeze Teahouse. The view before us comes as quite a shock to my [...]

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The Lelioa Trek: Going Backcountry in Papua New Guinea

The ridges and rias of Tufi

The air is hot and steamy, and I’m completely drenched in sweat. It rained the day before and the trail is still muddy and slippery. There’s actually no trail to speak of, we are literally bashing our way through the thick vegetation that is sprouting in all directions. I am here on the Lelioa Trek, [...]

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The Himalayas Calling: Off to Nepal and Bhutan!

558-Old man feeding birds pigeons in Bhaktapur Durbar square Dec 15, 2011 7-12 AM 4208x2723

Namaste from Nepal! I know it’s barely been two weeks since my trip to East Africa and here I am, in the opposite end of the world. This time, I’m in an area that I know very little about and is completely new to me so I’m really looking forward to discover and learn. The [...]

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Gorilla Tracking in Uganda — Part I: The First Sighting

Up close with a gorilla in Bwindi

The walkie-talkie crackles. Our guide Benjamin listens intently and whispers back in the local Rukiga language. “We’ve found the gorillas. A male and a female. They are just ahead,” he announces. “Are you ready?” We drop our bags and proceed in silence through the thick and wet jungle with nothing more than our cameras. Even our porters have left [...]

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When the Forest Comes Alive: Pico Bonito at Night

a shiny grasshopper

Darkness engulfs us in the thick of the woods, with the yellow beams of our torches and a faint slither of light from the lodge illuminating the way.  It’s after hours here at the Lodge at Pico Bonito but instead of downing piña coladas, we are hiking along one of the many trails that criss-cross [...]

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Out And About: Hiking and Biking on the Caribbean Island of Nevis

Nevis from the sea

Dry pastureland sprawl across the slopes of the hill while prickly plants and cotton trees fill both sides of the trail. On our left lies the dramatic coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, as its dark blue waters lap onto the empty shores of the island. To the right, Mount Nevis looms overhead, reaching over a [...]

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The Other Caribbean: Rainforest Trekking on St. Kitts

Aside from the tranquil beaches and flavorful Caribbean food, one of the biggest draw of St. Kitts is its rainforest. Protected since 1902, the Central Reserve Rain Forest covers almost 25% of the island extending from the foothills of the mountains that rise up from the interior of the island, all the way to the coastline. They’re lush, [...]

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Walking the Jesus Trail in #Israel – Part I

Hiking the Jesus Trail - near Kibbutz Lavi

A gravel path stretches before us, extending into the rolling hills and beyond into the dramatic Arbel Cliffs in the far distance. Green meadows sprinkled with red poppies and yellow daisies flank both sides of the path. Once and in a while, we’d stumble upon a herd of grazing cows or roaming horses. In the [...]

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Hiking Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain

Australia’s Tasmania island has long been known for its large and relatively unspoiled natural environment. Almost 37% of it lies in reserves, national parks and World Heritage Sites. And of these national parks, the most well known is perhaps the World Heritage area of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair. Spreading all the way from the Great Western Tiers in the north [...]

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Next Up: Underwater Adventures in Micronesia and Riviera Maya

We’ve just spent two weeks in Florida, out and about in the sun-kissed state: from kayaking in the Everglades to island-hopping in the Keys and biking in Miami. It’s been great to be outdoors, getting active and exploring lesser-known parts of the state, but most of all, we loved having the opportunity to take a break from work [...]

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Photoblog: Rice Terraces of Sapa, Vietnam

Emerald green rice terraces shimmered in the distance, as water buffaloes ploughed through the soggy field. In the backdrop, the towering Hoang Lien Son mountain range lay shrouded in mist while clusters of bamboo huts sprawled across its foothills. It had rained the day before and now the poetic landscape seemed even more beautiful than ever. We had left the town of Sapa in Lao Cai [...]

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Madagascar: The Lost Island


From endemic wildlife to bizarre stone forests and unexplored beaches, remote Madagascar may just be one of Africa’s last great unknowns. By: Nellie Huang | Originally published in WildJunket Magazine April/May 2012 t was a tail. A very long, white and bushy tail. It swung back and forth in our direction, combing the breeze for [...]

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Adventure Travel: Destinations for Travelers of All Ages

This is a guest post by Amanda Kidd. How do you define adventure? True adventures are often journeys that change you, mesmerize you and guarantee memories for a lifetime. But it’s not just for the young – people of all ages can seek adventure in all corners of the world. Adventure …

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Daily Travel Snapshot: the Amazon, Ecuador

A giant eight-legged spider in the Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador.

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Nordic Adventures in Iceland

This is a guest post by Mags Yip. Cold. Bitter. Ghostly. Barren. While that might be what most people think of Iceland, I beg to differ. Iceland seduced me just minutes after arriving in Keflavik. The Flybus took us into the twilight where wispy clouds hung low and colors dazzled in the …

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