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Is the Romance of Flying Gone?

Flying over the Himalayas

As a full-time travel writer and blogger, I travel a lot and spend almost 70% of my time on the road. Flying is by no means a mode of transportation for me. Sadly, I’ve become a jaded flyer these days. It’s become a way to get from one place to another. I don’t bother chatting with fellow passengers, and I don’t even [...]

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Share Your Travel Plans with Us And Win a GoPro

Photo taken with GoPro

It’s been almost five months since I last traveled out of Spain (the longest ever in the last 8 years) and I can’t wait to hit the road this summer! I’ve just booked our first international trip with the baby for August and we’ll be going to see family in Singapore and hopping over to [...]

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Sun and Snow – Skiing in Sierra Nevada

Ski slopes of Sierra Nevada

Mention southern Spain, and most people think of the beaches, but few know that it’s actually home to some of the best ski stations in Europe. As Europe’s second most mountainous country (next to Switzerland), Spain rises to an average altitude of 650m above sea level with over one quarter of the country actually over 1000m above sea level. [...]

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Olive Country Life in Andalusia

Patio de los Naranjos y vistas

t’s a glorious Saturday morning and the sun is beaming through the window. Birds are chirping outside and the air is thick with the scent of pine trees and sunflowers. I look out to see rolling green hills dotted with yellow meadows and red poppies, framed by vast olive groves and imposing grey mountains in [...]

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A Tribute to Kathmandu’s Historical Landmarks

Swayambhunath Temple

This past week, my thoughts have been with Nepal and its people, who are now in crisis after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the country on Saturday. The catastrophic disaster has so far killed more than 5,200 and injured 9,200. It has been the most severe earthquake to hit the country in over 80 years. Thousands of people [...]

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Help Raise $100,000 for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Nepal earthquake - Omar Havana/ Getty Images

wo days ago, Nepal was hit by a catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake, with the epicenter in the populous region of Kathmandu Valley. The death toll has surpassed 5,000, and 9,200 have been to reported injured, but the numbers continue to climb. It’s the biggest earthquake to have struck the country in over 80 years. The disaster has affected almost the entire country [...]

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8 Alternative Wonders of the World We Think Should’ve Made the List

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This is a guest post by our friend and blogger Tom Mcloughlin of Backpackerboy. With most of the ancient wonders of the world no longer in existence, we thought we would try to curate a list of our own. Some of these handpicked structures are little-known wonders from remote corners of the world, while some [...]

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10 of Our Best Wildlife Photos

A Silverback up close

s huge wildlife buffs, we love photographing animals in the wild. There’s something about capturing the raw spirit of an animal through body language. Seeing animals in the wild is a very moving experience and in today’s world, it’s sadly becoming more and more rare. We’ve been lucky enough to have had many intimate wildlife encounters [...]

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Summer Travels with Baby: Glamping Retreats and Road Trips in Spain

Cortijo del Marqués

Since finding out that I was pregnant, I’d been looking forward to traveling with the baby, to see the world through her eyes. For now, we can’t quite travel long distances just yet (not before she turns four months old) so we’ll be sticking to places closer to home. Thankfully there’s so much to explore [...]

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Introducing Baby Kaleya!

Two hours after she was born

Exactly a month ago, on Pi Day 3/14/15, our baby came into this world. We named the little explorer Kaleya, meaning “filled with joy” in Hawaiian, and indeed she’s already filled our lives with so much happiness. Motherhood is challenging and I’m still struggling to learn the ropes but she makes all the difficulties worthwhile. Coincidentally, [...]

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Sand Dunes and Great Surfs: Wale’s Secret Adventure Travel Hotspot

Rest Bay surfing

Five experiences that make Bridgend County a hidden gem for adventurous travelers You may not have heard of Bridgend County, sandwiched snugly between Cardiff and Swansea along Wales’ stunning coastal path, but this is a destination that has been making waves as a hidden spot for adventure travelers. The county is home to some of [...]

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Exploring Lanzarote’s Nature — Volcanoes, Blowholes and Hidden Coves

Timanfaya National Park

We are walking in the mar de lava – sea of lava – where massive blankets of solidified lava lie at the foots of Montaña Blanca, Lanzarote. Since seeing hot molten lava flowing off Guatemala’s most active volcano, Volcan Pacaya, I’ve become somewhat of a volcano buff. Sadly, there’s no sign of red burning lava flowing [...]

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Do You Have the Wanderlust Gene?


It’s been almost three months since my last trip, the longest time ever in the last eight years since I made traveling a way of life. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew the time to slow down had come. In fact, it came at the right time — after so many years of [...]

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Personal Updates: Taking A Baby Hiatus

Be back soon

Today is my estimated delivery date, the day we’ll possibly welcome our baby into this world! The past three months have felt way too long (shortest pregnancy ever! Read why.) — partly because I haven’t been able to travel, but mainly because I’ve been really looking forward to seeing our little bub. It almost feels like [...]

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