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Summer Travels with Baby: Glamping Retreats and Road Trips in Spain

Cortijo del Marqués

Since finding out that I was pregnant, I’d been looking forward to traveling with the baby, to see the world through her eyes. For now, we can’t quite travel long distances just yet (not before she turns four months old) so we’ll be sticking to places closer to home. Thankfully there’s so much to explore […]

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Summer in Costa Brava: Exploring Secret Coves, Beaches and Trails


Pardon me for a week of silence! We took last week off from work to treat ourselves to a holiday in Costa Brava. Many people think that I’m on a perpetual holiday since I’m constantly traveling — but few know how much work I put in and how exhausting it is to be on the road […]

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My Packing List for the Camino in Summer


So you’ve done all your research and you’re ready to hit the trail. Your Camino adventure is about to start — but wait, what should you pack? For the Camino, packing light is essential and it’ll make your life much more enjoyable and pain-free. As you’ll be carrying your pack for more than six hours/day, it’s important […]

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Island-Hopping in Croatia: from Dubrovnik to Split


For years, we’d been hearing about Croatia and the sparkling Dalmatian Coast. The Balkan country had always appealed to us, with the inviting Adriatic Sea, beautiful coastal towns, and cuisine with Mediterranean flair. This summer, while exploring the Balkans on a train journey with Eurail, we took the opportunity to visit Croatia. To explore the […]

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Conquer Summer with our SlotFlops GiveAway!


This summer has been an extremely busy one as we traveled from Hawaii to the Adriatic coast of the Balkans and soon the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius. Thankfully, we’ve partnered up with ArchPort® to tide us through the summer waves and have a peace of mind when having fun at the beach. ArchPort®’s new […]

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West Sweden’s Islands, Beaches, and Seals: Sea Kayaking and Camping in Bohuslän

Our lunch stop at a deserted island

We can’t quite believe our luck. It’s sunny and warm, and there’s not a single cloud above our heads. Summer in Sweden isn’t usually this glorious but we’ve clearly hit the jackpot with the weather. Here on our own deserted island, we’re basking under the sun, enjoying some packed Swedish meatballs and salad that we’ve packed – along with several other basic […]

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Seeing Montenegro from New Angles: Kayaking in the Bay of Kotor

Crystal waters of the bay

  It’s only 10am, but the temperature has already risen to a sizzling 30 degrees Celsius. Fortunately we’re gliding over fresh sea water in the beautiful Bay of Kotor – a few splashes of water immediately cool us down. Here in the Balkans, the sun rises as early as 6am and stays high above our heads until 7pm. It’s no wonder […]

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Liming On the Caribbean Island of St Kitts

From the religious enclaves of Israel, we’ve flown over oceans and continents to the Caribbean island of St Kitts – where time seems to have slowed down to a leisurely pace. Every where on the island, the warm breeze blows and the sound of lapping waves echo from the distance, people saunter on the beach […]

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Now on Sale: WildJunket Magazine Summer Special Issue (Jun/Jul2012)

Just as the sizzling heat sets in, this Summer Special issue of WildJunket Magazine inspires with a host of stories from the tropics: with our cover feature on island-hopping in the Philippines, sailing the Darién Gap from Colombia to Panama and a comprehensive travel guide on Turkey. Contributing Editor Candace Rose Rardon has just returned from walking the […]

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10 Ideal Summer Study Abroad Locations

This is a sponsored guest post by the University of East Anglia International Summer School. Summer study abroad gives you the chance to broaden your horizons with exciting new experiences. Study programmes can provide extra credit as part of your course, or simply extend your knowledge base and supply lifelong skills. When choosing …

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10 of the Best Beaches in the United States

This is a sponsored guest post written by Leslie To. It’s a brisk 78 degree day without a dark cloud in the sky.  The sounds of crashing waves on the warm ocean shore and the cawing of seagulls from above add to Mother Nature’s soothing soundtrack. With a pair of sunglasses and a tall glass […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Ibiza, Spain

While summer’s here, I’m sharing this photo taken in summer of 2004 on the island of Ibiza, Spain.

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Where to Go this Summer: 5 Cool Offbeat Destinations

Corniche of Doha, Qatar

// This is a sponsored guest post by Jonathan Hunter. With summer fiercely approaching, now it’s a good time to plan your travels for the year. 2011 has been an eventful one so far, with massive global events taking the world by storm. Although it might not be safe to travel to certain parts of […]

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Island-Hopping Around Greece

Sunset at Santorini

Greece is a country renowned for its ancient history, born from a land where mighty gods ruled the land and sea, and were worshipped by all. The remains of the citadels, temples and other monuments that once littered the landscapes can still be seen to this day, and are popular tourist attractions for those visiting […]

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10 Travel Songs to Inspire Your Summer Playlist

Rio de Janeiro

// Summer is firing up my spirits as I get busy drawing up travel plans for the next few months. This week’s sponsored post features a list of classic travel songs that not only fire up your wanderlust but also give you inspiration for your next summer holiday! Running out of ideas for where to […]

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