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Staying in a Yurt in the Spanish Countryside

the olive groves

Last weekend, we found magic in the Spanish countryside. It was a whimsical, spirited  place — a place of fairies, myths and dreams. I knew we’d found somewhere special the minute we arrived. It made my heart smile all weekend. We slept under the stars in our yurt, frolicked in the pool, cooked and drank with our [...]

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Exploring our Backyard: Granada, Spain

The Alhambra

I’ve realized that we hardly write about our home base Granada here — perhaps it’s because we’re so familiar with it that we sometimes forget how beautiful it can be. It’s been almost four years since we’ve called Granada home, I think it’s time to shed some light on our life here in southern Spain. Entrenched [...]

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From the Road: Revisiting Madrid


This week I’m in Madrid, the capital of Spain, to play tour guide. Our friends from Tanzania have come a long way to visit us and we’re exceptionally thrilled to see them in this part of the world. Five years ago, we spent a few months volunteering in Tanzania and it was during then that [...]

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Holy Week in Granada: A Time of Mourning

A life-size figure of Jesus Christ

The atmosphere is solemn and the mood that hangs in the air is somber. Pointy-hood  wearing nazarenos (penitents) are walking slowly through the streets, looming tall and dressed in red, their hoods masking their faces and dark robes flowing along to the movement of their bare feet. Elegant women wearing black lace veils and high heels [...]

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7 Bizarre Festivals Around the World

Holi Festival

Each country has its own way of celebrating certain occasions, and whether we find other festivals exciting, interesting, or weird, they definitely aren’t what you might be used to. Here are ten bizarre festivals from around the world, where bizarre can also mean odd, strange, or fantastic.  Holi Festival Also known as the the Festival [...]

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Montseny: A nature escape near Barcelona

*While we’re out and about in Micronesia and Riviera Maya respectively, our editorial assistant Erin Ridley is here to share her stories from a recent trip to Montseny in Spain. Several months ago, I packed up my bags and set off for a trip to Spain’s Montseny Natural Park. “What’s that?” you say. And you [...]

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A Rare Retreat in Estepona, Spain

Having spent the last six months traveling intensively, we’re glad to be back at our home base in Granada, Spain. It’s the perfect time to recharge, catch up with old friends and family and reflect. But as long-term travelers, we enjoy being out and about, discovering new spots all the time. Part of the reason why we love it [...]

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Spain Wins Euro 2012 – As Seen on the Streets of Granada

At the main square of Puerta Real

Just last night, tens of thousands of people transformed downtown Granada into a sea of red and yellow, flooding the boulevards with their national flags, after the Spanish national football team won the European Championship 2012. This was Spain’s second consecutive European championship in a row, along with the 2010 World Cup. No team has [...]

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Famous Walls Around the World

Walls of Ávila, Spain

Walls are meant to stand the test of time, and often more precisely: invaders and trespassers. In this case, we’re going to take you on a journey around the world, visiting some of the most impenetrable barriers, as well as a few sacred and even eccentric ones in between. 1. Walls of Ávila  Ávila’s Romanesque [...]

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Walking the Camino de Santiago: See You on the Way

Camino de Santiago

**We’re now publishing full feature articles from WildJunket Magazine here! To kickstart the series, here is an inspiring piece from our contributing editor Candace Rardon, on her experience walking the Camino de Santiago. Stretching 500 miles from the French Pyrenees to the coast of Galicia, the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail across northwest Spain is the ultimate [...]

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Culinary Travel: Best Places to Eat Around the World

La Boqueria Market in Barcelona

Spain has its colorful seafood paella, vibrant tapas scene and world-famous jamón; Japan has its fresh-from-the-sea sashimi; and Mexico its whole slew of tacos, burritos and sizzling dishes… It’s a well-known fact that food plays an important part in travel – especially so in our travels. The hunt for good food has brought us through [...]

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Wacky Festivals Around the World

Mardi Gras

Whether you’re partying in the outdoors or throwing tomatoes at strangers, participating in festivals can add plenty of fun to your travels. Having recently taken part in the water festival in Thailand and Burma, we’re convinced that the best time to visit a country is during a festival. So get your party hat ready – [...]

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Into the Blue: Sea Kayaking in the Mediterranean Sea

// It’s only 10am, but the temperature has already risen to a balmy 28degrees. Luckily we’re paddling in the open sea – a few splashes of sea water immediately cool me down. Here in the Mediterranean, the weather is as beautiful as the shimmering coastline. It’s hard to believe that just an hour earlier, we [...]

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Photoblog: Hot Air Ballooning Over the Spanish Pyrenees

// Dawn in the Pyrenees is quite a magical sight to behold: the sky striated in streaks of red and blue, with the sun slowly peeking through the wispy clouds against a backdrop of imposing mountains. By sunrise, the mountains beneath us are blanketed in gold with the occasional patches of white snow and clusters [...]

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Interview with Travel Writer: Annie Bennett

Costa Trasmiera Ecopark, Cantabria

Welcome to the Travel Writing Corner! Each month, I publish interviews with accomplished travel writers and share their travel writing tips here. We’re coming to an end of this series, so I’m really excited to finally get the chance to feature the talented Annie Bennett, winner of the Spain Travel Writer of the Year. We [...]

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