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Celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day in Cancún

Children holding the Mexican flag with pride

// From the southern tip of Latin America, Buenos Aires in Argentina, we traversed mountains, crossed salt flats and walked with wildlife to get to Cancún in Mexico. Just a few days before returning to Spain, we ended our 4-month long trip with a big bang – celebrating the nation’s biggest festival in Cancún.  Downing […]

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Caribbean Beach Towns in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Cancun beach

Entering the last leg of our trip through Latin America, we’d been looking forward to some long overdue bumming. Enough of the heavy backpacks and volcano-climbing, it’s time to play tourist. Crossing over from Corozal, Belize, we headed into Mexico, rented a car and hit the coastline. Enroute to our final destination, …

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Traveling In South America: A Quick Guide

SouthAmerica Route

// Almost four months have passed since we started traversing the roads of South America, starting from Buenos Aires, Argentina all the way to Quito, Ecuador. In that short period of time, we went whitewater rafting, came face-to-face with modern day dinosaurs, raced up Macchu Picchu and almost froze to death in the Uyuni Salt […]

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Venturing into the Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador

Insects in the Amazon Jungle

On our last leg of our trip through South America, we ventured into the Amazon Rainforest on an adventure tour from Baños. A pity we didn’t have the time to go deeper into the secondary forest where the jungle is more primitive and untouched. Along with the Galapagos islands, this has to be my favorite […]

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Mingling with Wildlife on the Galapagos Islands

Marine lizard on the beach

The Galapagos islands are one of the best places in the world for wildlife experiences. Teeming with wild animals and nature reserves,  visiting the unspoiled Galapagos islands has always been a dream of mine. Strange creatures roam freely on these islands, boundless and free. The number of visitors to the islands is limited per year, […]

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Latin America Blogs

Colorful Artisan stalls of La Paz, Bolivia

  As I make my way through Latin America, I’ve stumbled upon the works of many brilliant travel bloggers based in the region (and even met a few), who have provided an interesting gringo perspective of this amazingly diverse and characteristic part of the world. Here are some to share: South America …

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Moving on: A New Life


I hate this part: post-sojourning. You know the standard withdrawal symptoms –going back to a monotonous routine, feeling like an outsider at home, and basically, the unnerving blues. It’s almost like a drug addiction, you get the jitters and shivers, and your feet itch uncontrollably. Share Tweet +1 Stumble Pin ShareShares 0

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