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6 Things You Might Not Know about the Channel Islands

Channel islands

Interesting Facts about the Channel Islands They may be close to the shores of Britain and France, but the Channel Islands have a character all of their own. Between them, Jersey, Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney boast beautiful coastlines, picturesque harbours, an array of galleries and museums, ancient fortresses, wine estates and much more. This […]

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Traveling with a Baby — The Glamping Edition

Staying in a yurt with our baby

Camping is one of our favorite ways to enjoy the great outdoors. We’ve camped in many parts of the world — from the savannas of the Serengeti, to the dusty deserts of Turkmenistan and the jungles of Brazil. We see it as a way to connect with the surroundings and we love the simplicity and […]

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Exploring Lanzarote’s Nature — Volcanoes, Blowholes and Hidden Coves

Timanfaya National Park

We are walking in the mar de lava – sea of lava – where massive blankets of solidified lava lie at the foots of Montaña Blanca, Lanzarote. Since seeing hot molten lava flowing off Guatemala’s most active volcano, Volcan Pacaya, I’ve become somewhat of a volcano buff. Sadly, there’s no sign of red burning lava flowing […]

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Sharing Stories at Getaway Travel Blog Conference

I love it when a group of people who share the same passion get together, exchange ideas and share their stories. At the Getaway Travel Blog Conference held last Saturday, we did just that. The conference was a fun and casual social gathering where inspirational stories were told and new friendships were forged. The overall […]

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Cast Away on the Private Island of Sumilon, Philippines

fter three weeks of traveling around the Philippines, we simply wanted to kick back for a few days in Crusoe-esque splendor – and on Sumilon Island we did just that. Located 10 km from Cebu island, it might be just a hop away from civilization but it sure felt like a world apart. Landing on […]

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Photoblog: Still Waters of Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

An Orthodox Church standing over Lake Ohrid

Continuing my journey through the Balkans, I crossed the border into Macedonia by land from the western end of Bulgaria. Uncovering this part of Europe was a revelation to me. Not only is it within a hop and jump from my base in Spain, the region is also largely unexplored, veering clear from …

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Staying in an Unusual Boutique Cave Hotel

Exterior of Yunak Evleri

// The two words ‘boutique’ and ‘cave’ rarely come together in one sentence, but Yunak Evleri manages to pull it off rather well. With impeccable service, exquisite furnishing and a hint of rustic au naturel ambiance,  Yunak Evleri adds special meaning to one’s travel experience. Blending nature and interior design into one perfect setting, Yunak […]

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Photoblog: The Medieval City of Prague

Clock Tower Square at night

The capital of Czech Republic in Central Europe gives travelers the rare opportunity of traveling back in time – back to the days when shiny-armored knights and corseted ladies roamed the streets. Wrought iron gates and clock towers set the scene for nobles and horse-driven carriages. These days, Prague still retains its medieval characteristics, charming […]

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8 of the Best Beaches in Europe

// I’m dipping my toes in crystal clear waters while my hair gets powdered up with fine sand. I’m in Europe – no castles or cathedrals, just enjoying the sun on a slice of paradise. Whether it’s a secluded bay with emerald surfs slamming on sandstone cliffs, or wide stretches of golden sand glimmering with […]

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Guest Post: Lanzarote’s Historical Background


As I spend the week traversing volcanic paths and soaking up some sun at Los Zocos Resort, on the island of Lanzarote, fellow travel author Nick Ball has offered to share some background on Lanzarote’s entangled past. Nick is proud to call Lanzarote home and is the author of Lanzarote Guidebook, a free …

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Volcanoes and Modern Art: Lanzarote

View from our balcony

I woke up this morning with the view of a looming volcano ahead. We are at Los Zocos Club Resort the Spanish island of Lanzarote. Although we’re not on the seafront, our balcony opens up to a view of the estate’s pool and a towering volcano in the background. Not bad at all. …

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Photoblog: Winter in Barcelona


Barcelona: Sun-lit boulevards, fancy beach bars and multi-colored mosaic art – it’s a summer lover’s haunt. It’s extremely popular with travelers in summer, thanks to its excellent weather, a great beach right in the heart of the city and the hot hot hot Spanish culture. On day one of the Catalunya Experience (hosted …

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Best of Los Angeles – Escape to Malibu

Malibu Melanie

As the last installation of  Melanie’s Best of LA series, my favorite LA guru gives us a lowdown on what to do and see in Malibu. Check out her blog on couple travel at Travels with Two where she charms us with whimsical travel tales. Here’s what we love most about …

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8 of the World’s Most Beautiful Coastal Towns

Rovinj, Croatia

Stunning views of the cliff, with gorgeous beach houses dotting the coastline and narrow highways meandering close to the rocks beneath — Coastal towns bring a whole new meaning to seaside lifestyle. There is a certain allure about these coastal towns, be it in Africa or Australia; their elegance and disarrayed beauty …

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10 of the Best Beaches in Southeast Asia

// Many friends have been scratching their heads for ideas on short weekend getaways from Singapore. We are after all very fortunate to be next-door neighbors with the lush tropical beaches of Malaysia and Indonesia. But thanks to over-developed tourism, most of these ‘ex-paradises’ are now crowded and touristy. Forget Bali, Phuket and Bintan, let’s […]

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