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Chinese New Year in Singapore: A Festival of Traditions

chinese new year singapore

For those celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore, here is a guide on the traditions and practices of the festive season. In the oriental world, the year has only just begun. We’re currently in Singapore, ringing in the Year of the Rooster with my family and friends. Chinese New Year is one of the most important […]

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Celebrating Kyrgyzstan’s Independence Day in Bishkek

Horse races

Last week I arrived in Bishkek just in time to celebrate Kyrgyzstan’s Independence Day, the day the country declared freedom from the Soviet Union. The entire city seemed to be pulsating with energy with carnivals and street parties taking place all over the city. Of all the events that was happening, the exciting one of all was the horse races, Central Asia’s favorite sport. […]

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Holy Week in Granada: A Time of Mourning

A life-size figure of Jesus Christ

The atmosphere is solemn and the mood that hangs in the air is somber. Pointy-hood  wearing nazarenos (penitents) are walking slowly through the streets, looming tall and dressed in red, their hoods masking their faces and dark robes flowing along to the movement of their bare feet. Elegant women wearing black lace veils and high heels […]

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Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro: A Quick Guide

Samba dancers in Sambadrome

arnaval is Brazil’s biggest festival of the year, and it is celebrated throughout the country – from the Amazon to the Bahia coast – with week-long street parties, samba dancing and music. While customs, celebrations and costumes vary by region and city, Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval is the biggest and flashiest. More than 500,000 foreign […]

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Celebrating the Songkran Water Festival in Bangkok and Yangon

People covered in powder and water

It’s wet, it’s wild and it’s loud. Songkran festival is synonymous with massive water wars and street parties. In Thailand and many other parts of Southeast Asia, Songkran is celebrated as the traditional New Year’s Day. Traditionally,  people celebrate by paying respects to the elders and visiting the temples to pray or give food to monks. The splashing of […]

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Easter Celebrations Around the World


Over the weekend, Christians from different corners of the world celebrated Easter in fervor. The celebrations took place in various forms: from religious processions to colorful parades and bunny-and-eggs celebrations. Last year, I was fortunate to witness one of the biggest Easter celebrations in the world – Seville’s Holy …

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Photoblog: Flag-waving Ceremony in Lucca, Italy

flag-waver in Lucca Italy

Knees bent, chest raised, the flag-waver uses all his strength to thrust his flag high into the sky. Tension heightens amidst the crowd as the Italian national flag soars towards the San Martino bell tower. Whop! The young sbandieratore catches his flags with much precision, and the crowd roars …

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Celebrating Italy’s 150th Birthday in Lucca

Lucca streets decked in italian flags

// Splashed in the national colors of green, white and red, the streets of Lucca are buzzing in a festive mood. Powered up for Italy’s birthday celebrations, locals take to the streets with the Italian flag in hand and pride in their hearts.  Despite the drizzle, the energy is impalpable and the atmosphere contagious. It’s […]

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Photoblog: Carnival Celebrations All Around the World


// It’s that time of the year again! Flamboyant costumes, larger-than-life parades and colorful street parties: Carnival is an annual festive season celebrated in various corners of the world. What started out as a Roman Catholic festival is now a massive party. One of my favorite events of the year (next to Christmas), the Carnival […]

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5 Wacky Ways to Celebrate New Years’ Eve!

// 2011 is right around the corner! Forget about massive crowds and over-priced parties – I’ve rounded up a short list of fun, wacky ways to bring in the New Year in odd corners of the world. Whether you are looking to welcome the New Year in style or just enjoy an unusual, memorable time […]

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6 Quirky Ways to Spend Christmas


// Sick of conventional Christmas dinners and hectic holiday shopping? Time to ditch the turkey and try out these quirky ways of celebrating Christmas – from food-throwing to caroling in a sauna and going to Christmas mass on rollerblades. They might sound a little over-the-top but believe it or not, these are weird Christmas traditions […]

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Photoblog: Celebrating the Lights Festival in Bangkok

Bangkok Chao Praya River restaurant

Shrouded in a golden glow, Bangkok seemingly puts on a glamorous coat and a mystical air by night. Starkly contrasting with its usual daytime chaos, the city represents a whole different world come sunset: its golden temples shimmer in gold and its river banks calm and tranquil. Floating along …

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Holy Week (Easter) in Seville, Spain


Easter in Spain is an extraordinary affair: instead of the western Easter bunny-and-eggs celebrations, Holy Week here is looked upon in a religious light. Last week, the whole of Seville was lit up with faint candle lights and larger-than-life figures of Jesus Christ and a weeping Virgin Mary. Seville’s Semana Santa celebrations are …

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Photoblog: The Medieval City of Prague

Clock Tower Square at night

The capital of Czech Republic in Central Europe gives travelers the rare opportunity of traveling back in time – back to the days when shiny-armored knights and corseted ladies roamed the streets. Wrought iron gates and clock towers set the scene for nobles and horse-driven carriages. These days, Prague still retains its medieval characteristics, charming […]

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Celebrating Three Kings Day in Granada


Bright lights, extravagant parades and streets decked out in a festive mood – we celebrated the Día de Los Reyes Magos in Granada, our new home. The Three Kings Day, taking place on the 6th January each year, marks the peak as well as the end of Christmas. While the rest of the world has […]

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