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Street Art from Around the World

In the quirky Lapa district

n recent years, street art has evolved into something more than just graffiti. Renown artists like Banksy have helped bring awareness to street art, and cleared the cloud of mystery that used to revolve around it. What was once an act of vandalism is now a revered form of urban art that’s now appearing on the streets and walls of cities all around the […]

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5 Great Adventure Destinations for a Winter Escape

Paragliding in Cape Town

Winter’s quickly creeping up on us (in the northern hemisphere), and it’s about time to start planning where we’re off to this winter. Whether you’re planning to get active or simply enjoy the >winter sun, we’ve come up with a short list of great places to spend the end of the year. Cape Town, South Africa […]

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Responsible Riders: Biking through A Township in Cape Town

Streets of Masiphumelele

elcome to our home,” said Vivian, our guide for the day. Vivian grew up here in Masiphumelele, a township at the edge of Kommetjie and far from the glitz and glamour of Cape Town. Like the other 45,000 people living here, her parents and grandparents had come from the rural areas of Eastern Cape and other parts of the country in the 1980s, […]

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Driving to the Southern Tip of Africa

Boulders Beach

he road hugs the cliff, meandering along the edge of the Table Mountain range all the way to Cape of Good Hope, the southwesternmost tip of Africa. On one side, the steep slopes plunge dramatically into the Atlantic Ocean; and on the other, needle-sharp peaks soar into the sky. In my years as an adventure travel blogger this scenic drive along the […]

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Cage Shark Diving: Face to Face with the Great White

It was barely daylight when we set off from our apartment in Camps Bay to Gansbaai, a fishing village some two hours away from Cape Town, South Africa. This fishing town is most famous for its dense population of great white sharks. Although sleepy from the early rise, we were fueled by excitement. The moment we had […]

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Sharing Stories at Getaway Travel Blog Conference

I love it when a group of people who share the same passion get together, exchange ideas and share their stories. At the Getaway Travel Blog Conference held last Saturday, we did just that. The conference was a fun and casual social gathering where inspirational stories were told and new friendships were forged. The overall […]

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Our Home for the Week: Apostle’s Edge, Cape Town

This week we are reporting live from Cape Town, South Africa. For the past few days, we’ve been exploring Cape Town and its suburbs during the day, watching sunset on our outdoor terrace in the evening and getting some work done by the fireplace by night. We will be writing about our Cape Town adventures shortly, […]

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Photoblog: Views from the Top of Table Mountain, Cape Town

Table Bay in the distance and Lion

Before us, the city of Cape Town sprawls beneath our feet, with the spearmint blue waters of the crescent-shaped Table Bay shimmering in the distance. The walls of the plateau we’re standing on plunges vertically downwards, towards the sweeping ocean. Robben Island and the harbor are so far out, they look like little dots of lego from this height. Strong winds whip my face on […]

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We’re Off to Cape Town, South Africa!

In a week’s time, we will be heading to South Africa for a week or so of traveling with Cape Town Tourism. It’s barely been a year since I was last there, but I’d been so smitten by the city that I can’t wait to experience it again – and this time, in winter. My […]

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Video: Paragliding off Lion’s Head in Cape Town

Holding my hands out to feel the wind in my hands, I glide through the air so gently, it’s almost like floating in the clouds. “This the closest feeling to flying like a bird.” Jan, my paragliding instructor from Para-taxi says. He’s right – I’ve never felt more peaceful and carefree. Ahead of me stands […]

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Video: Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

This was one of the reasons that drew me to South Africa: the chance to get close to one of the world’s most intimidating animal, the Great White Shark. Gaansbai, just two hours away from Cape Town, is considered the white shark capital of the world – home to densest population of great white shark […]

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Photoblog: Mountains, Beaches and Bays of Cape Town, South Africa

I’m currently writing to you from Cape Town, South Africa – having ditched the winter cold of Europe for the summer heat of the Southern Hemisphere! I’ve just been here for two days and I think I already have a crush on Cape Town. This is one of the most attractive cities I’ve ever been: […]

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Dunes, Deltas and Falls: Southern Africa Overland

Having just returned from a hectic week at World Travel Market in London, I’m now off to South Africa for a month-long overland trip through Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. I’ve long dreamt of traveling overland in this part of Africa – sand boarding in the oldest desert in the world, drifting along the Okavango Delta, […]

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Cape Town – From Wildlife Safaris to Cage Shark Diving

// This is a guest post by Mohamed Khazma. To think of a top destination in Africa is far less obvious than the choices available in Europe – but there’s Cape Town, Africa’s answer to tourist hubs. Cape Town’s position to the southern tip of Africa makes it an ideal location and a significant player […]

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8 Adventurous Spots Around the World


// One of the many reasons why people travel is the challenge it poses. Diving into shark-infested waters, climbing the towering peaks or trekking through dense jungles – they all jolt adventure travelers to life. As my blood rushes with every adventure,  I am reminded of the meaning of travel. Once again, based on my […]

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