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Learning to Pour Cider the Traditional Way in Asturias, Spain

pouring cider the traditiona way, Asturias

Before visiting Asturias, I knew they were obsessed with ciders. But I didn’t know they were this obsessed: the Asturians alone consume over 79,500 litres of cider each year and in Asturias’s biggest city, Gijon, there are well over 1,300 cider bars. I also knew that the Asturians had a peculiar (and …

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Exploring the Picos de Europa – Peaks of Europe

Picos de Europa, Asturias Spain

The mountain range that stretches across Northern Spain was given the name Picos de Europa, (Peaks of Europe) for good reasons. It’s said that when the Spaniards arrived back from the Americas, the mountain range (located just 20km from the coast) was the first thing they saw from sea. …

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Asturias in Photos — Cliffs, Peaks and Meadows

Picos de Europa, highest peaks in Northern Spain

Over the past week, Asturias surprised me with striking landscapes and outstanding gastronomy. Within this small principality in Northern Spain, we explored the mountain range of  Picos de Europa, watched the scenic landscapes from the craggy San Lorenzo Cape, tried pouring cider the traditional Asturian way (from 2m high!) and wandered through the cosmopolitan city […]

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Photoblog: The Rocky Cliffs of Algarve, Portugal

Algarve's cliffs at Portimao beach. Portugal

Along the craggy coastline of Algarve,  sandy-brown cliffs studded with green foliage run for miles alongside the Atlantic Ocean. These rock outcrops that jut out along the shore resemble the Twelve Apostles in Victoria, Australia; yet the flashy beach boulevards here are unmistakably European. Surfers get ready to ride …

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Discovering a Hidden Corner of Spain – Asturias

Picos de Europa, Asturias Spain

Sprinkled with green prairies and rolling meadows, Asturias breaks all stereotypical notions of Spain. Instead of palm trees and sultry beaches, Asturias is home to mountainous landscapes, sub-zero temperatures and medieval villages reminiscent of Northern Europe. Although visited by Spaniards especially for rural tourism activities, Asturias remain an unexplored …

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Exploring Tuscany on Two Wheels: Biking Lucca

our group biking in Lucca, Italy

Just when we were about to leave Tuscany, the sun came out (after three days of rain) and bathed the city of Lucca in a shade of gold. Our group of travelers took the opportunity to explore Lucca, biking through the city centre towards the Tuscan countryside. Armed with …

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Vespa Museum: A Look into Italy’s Engineering History

Piaggeo Museum, Pisa Italy

On a recent trip to Tuscany, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a childhood fantasy land. With antique aircraft, military coaches and thousands of Vespas on display, the Piaggeo Museum was quite an eye-opener for the inner child in me. The museum, located in the town of …

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Learning to Cook Italian Food in Tuscany

tagliata con rucola e grana

Tuscany is famed for its rolling olive groves, exquisite wine and most of all, healthy, organic foods.  From a whirlpool of pasta variations to a sea of pizza flavors and tender grilled meat prepared in hundreds of different ways, Tuscan food has got me bowled over. In this story, I share my personal experience of […]

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Photoblog: Flag-waving Ceremony in Lucca, Italy

flag-waver in Lucca Italy

Knees bent, chest raised, the flag-waver uses all his strength to thrust his flag high into the sky. Tension heightens amidst the crowd as the Italian national flag soars towards the San Martino bell tower. Whop! The young sbandieratore catches his flags with much precision, and the crowd roars …

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Celebrating Italy’s 150th Birthday in Lucca

Lucca streets decked in italian flags

// Splashed in the national colors of green, white and red, the streets of Lucca are buzzing in a festive mood. Powered up for Italy’s birthday celebrations, locals take to the streets with the Italian flag in hand and pride in their hearts.  Despite the drizzle, the energy is impalpable and the atmosphere contagious. It’s […]

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Tune Hotels: A New Breed of Accommodation

Tune Hotels - Downtown KL : Main Building

// On a recent trip to Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak, I had the opportunity to stay at Tune Hotels, a Malaysian chain that’s taking the hotel industry by storm. Since its launch in 2007, Tune Hotels has since opened up 12 properties all over Malaysia, Indonesia and even London, UK.  I’d been wanting to check […]

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Jungle Trekking in Sarawak, Borneo

Borneo Sarawak jungle

// In the balmy heat of Borneo, the deserted beaches of the Similajau National Park offer a welcoming respite. But further inland lies a starkly different world: within the thick foliage of the coastal rainforest, there is an explosion of greenery and humidity. I am trekking through a Bornean rainforest – a jumble of skysoaring […]

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Photoblog: The Last Remaining Tatau Tribe of Sarawak, Borneo


// It’s a hot and wet afternoon in the tropics of Sarawak, Borneo. The jungle surrounding us is an artful assemblage of bamboo and palm trees, draped over the river banks. We are gliding through the murky waters of Sungei Tatau, flanked on both sides by lush foliage. Our destination: the last remaining Tatau longhouse […]

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Paradise Renewed: Thailand’s Ko Samui

Lamai beach, Ko Samui Thailand

// The sea was a shade of aqua blue, the sand pale pearly white and the surrounding foliage a blanket of emerald green. There was silence except for the sound of the lapping waves. I was on the island of Ko Samui and the last thing I had expected to find: tranquility. It was all […]

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Photoblog: Celebrating the Lights Festival in Bangkok

Bangkok Chao Praya River restaurant

Shrouded in a golden glow, Bangkok seemingly puts on a glamorous coat and a mystical air by night. Starkly contrasting with its usual daytime chaos, the city represents a whole different world come sunset: its golden temples shimmer in gold and its river banks calm and tranquil. Floating along …

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