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Hiking Iceland’s Most Active Volcano, Eyjafjallajökull

The wind was howling and the snow was raging. In the bleak midst of grey ash and white ice atop the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, the scene looked straight out of a disaster movie. With the icy frost whipping across my face at lightning speed, I could barely open my eyes, not …

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Ice and Spikes: Climbing the Sólheimajökull Glacier in Iceland

Left, right, ice sticks in; left, right, feet up. Forceful arm strides followed by small, heavy steps. It sounded easy enough. But once I got on that vertiginous wall of ice, it was clearly not the case. The chunky ice cliff stood at a humble height of approximately 8 meters, …

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Photoblog: Life Along the Tsiribihina River, Madagascar

Before setting off for Madagascar, I dreamt about its wildlife, its forests and its cities; but only after the trip did I realize that the most memorable moments of my trip were spent watching the locals. I remember watching them sell sugarcane on the streets, make cakes on their steaming hot pans, paint each other’s [...]

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Climbing Madagascar’s Stone Forest – Tsingy de Bemaraha

// They don’t call this the ‘wild west’ for nothing. Red Earth, robust baobab trees and brownish rivers – the remote Western region of the country epitomizes Madagascar at its most exotic. With few roads connecting here to the rest of the country, this hard-to-reach region is pockmarked with hidden caves, towering cliffs, winding rivers [...]

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Cape Town – From Wildlife Safaris to Cage Shark Diving

// This is a guest post by Mohamed Khazma. To think of a top destination in Africa is far less obvious than the choices available in Europe – but there’s Cape Town, Africa’s answer to tourist hubs. Cape Town’s position to the southern tip of Africa makes it an ideal location and a significant player [...]

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Top 7 Places for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Seeing the world from above often gives a refreshing perspective: peaked mountains transform into jagged land masses under your feet and rivers meander around like snakes. From above, land stretches beyond the horizon, revealing all the secret corners that one would have missed while on land. Atop a hot air balloon, …

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Arctic Highlights: Polar Bears, the Midnight Sun and Crackling Glaciers

// I’ve just returned from an Arctic expedition, still struggling to piece together the touching memories and overwhelming sensations. My mind is trying to process what it was that moved me so – was it the surreal beauty, the extreme conditions or the rich wildlife? Perhaps it was the rare sensation of being literally at [...]

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Wildlife-watching in the Kirindy Nature Reserve, Madagascar

// During our trip to Madagascar, the Kirindy Forest Reserve was our first stop and it also proved to be the highlight of the trip. We’d come to Madagascar to see wildlife, and Kirindy definitely did not disappoint. Located in one of the most remote corners of Madagascar, the Kirindy Forest Reserve is home to [...]

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Updates from the Arctic: Sailing Onboard the MS Expedition Cruise

// I’ve swapped the heat of Madagascar for the ice-cold chills of the Arctic, leaving behind sun-kissed beaches in exchange for glaciers, fjords and the midnight sun. Currently writing to you from Longyearbyen, I’m sitting in my cosy hotel lobby, looking out to a view of the fjord and pointed peaks. Longyearbyen is the world’s [...]

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Namibia uncovered – Land, Sand, Sky and Water

// This is a guest post by Mohamed Khazma. With its vivid contrast and sheer beauty, Namibia creates the unusual setting for an adventure destination – it covers every category of terrain; from the breathtaking Namib Desert and Namibian coast, the Central Plateau – Namibia’s main economic infrastructure and social area; the Great Escarpment mountainous [...]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Borneo, Malaysia

Sunset along the Tatau River in Bintulu, Sarawak.

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Madagascar Unmasked: Wildlife, Nature and Beautiful People

// There are few places as remote and wild as Madagascar, and even fewer that offer such fulfilling and authentic travel experiences. La Grand Île (as it is known in French, meaning the big island) is like nowhere else on Earth: it is home to a unique group of endemic animals and plants which had [...]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Northern Territory, Australia

AThe Arnhem Escarpment that borders the land of the Aborigines in the Kakadu National Park – Northern Territory, Australia.

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Hiking the Peak District in England

// < ![CDATA[ google_ad_client = "pub-9898648874665533"; /* in-post square */ google_ad_slot = "5737140338"; google_ad_width = 200; google_ad_height = 175; // ]]> This is a sponsored guest post by Tom Smithson. I recently spent two days walking the Peak District, an area of outstanding natural beauty and biodiversity spreading across Central and Northern England. It was [...]

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Seeing Wadi Rum From Above

// As my pilot starts the engine, I put on his Vin Diesel jacket and batman shades and buckle up. Within seconds, we are airborne, flying just inches away from the jebels or rock towers of Wadi Rum in Southern Jordan. I don’t care if the morning wind is whipping across my face – the [...]

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