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Igloo DIY Adventure

With its lofty snow mountains, the Austrian Alps can be a little intimidating for the first-time mountaineer. We venture into the white to learn some survival skills – and enjoy a little fun in the snow. by Lea Hajner | Originally published in WildJunket Magazine February/March 2012 wo degrees Celsius. Brrrr. My gloves dripped with ice cold water and […]

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7 Trips for Sports Lovers Around the World

world cup

Nothing brings the world together like sports: they give you a sense of pride and provide an opportunity to come together with other fans to support your favorite player  and teams. Sports has been around for ages and has evolved along with the world, but what hasn’t changed is the fact that we all desire […]

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World’s Greatest Adrenaline-Pumping Activities

Sick of your 9-to-5 job? Even a weekend trip is not giving you the kick you need in life? Perhaps it’s time to inject some crazy adventure in your travels. Traveling can allow you to experience a new culture and learn about other countries, but it’s also a great opportunity to kick back, go crazy […]

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WildJunket Magazine Issue #1 on Sale Now!

The first issue of WildJunket Magazine is finally here! We’ve packed our  inaugural issue with a special collection of epic journeys – from the polar extreme to the hot sizzling deserts within. Our cover story transports you to the Arctic – where I bring you along on my journey through the Svalbard archipelago in Norway onboard an expedition […]

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WildJunket Magazine out on 16 January 2012!

I’m psyched to announce that we’re officially launching WildJunket Magazine next Monday, 16th January 2012. It will be on sale here – where you can subscribe and get the magazine delivered to your mailbox as a downloadable PDF and an online flipbook. The iOS and Android versions will be available via our magazine partner, Magzter. A preview of each issue […]

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2012: The Year of the Gap Year?

This is a guest post by James of Skyscanner. With a job market that’s still somewhat unstable to say the least, it’s hardly surprising that so many people are considering grabbing the chance to widen their horizons and pick up some new skills on a gap year at the moment. In fact, the trend is […]

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2011: My Year in Pictures

2011 is a year that I’ll always remember – not just for the epic journeys, but also for the amazing people I’ve met and the major milestones in my life. I’ve been extremely lucky on the travel end – with trips to the Arctic, Madagascar and South Africa – places I’d dreamt of visiting for a […]

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A Tribute to Africa: Beyond Dunes, Deltas and Falls

I’ve just returned from a month of travel in Southern Africa and I’m still struggling to find the right words to describe my experience.  It’s been an amazing journey of dramatic proportions – one that has given me rare experiences, shown me the beautiful sights of Africa and blessed me with lifelong friendships. On my […]

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Featured Destination of the Month: Jordan

Jordan: a land rich in centuries-old history, intriguing Bedouin culture and landscapes that range from vast red rose deserts to the legendary Dead Sea. Situated in the Middle East, Jordan has traditional Arabic flair blended into modern, advanced development, resulting in a safe and fulfilling destination to visit. The country has also gained quite a […]

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Video: Paragliding off Lion’s Head in Cape Town

Holding my hands out to feel the wind in my hands, I glide through the air so gently, it’s almost like floating in the clouds. “This the closest feeling to flying like a bird.” Jan, my paragliding instructor from Para-taxi says. He’s right – I’ve never felt more peaceful and carefree. Ahead of me stands […]

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Video: Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

This was one of the reasons that drew me to South Africa: the chance to get close to one of the world’s most intimidating animal, the Great White Shark. Gaansbai, just two hours away from Cape Town, is considered the white shark capital of the world – home to densest population of great white shark […]

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5 National Parks in South Africa Worth Visiting

national parks in south africa

Although Kruger is undoubtedly the largest and most popular National Park in South Africa there are plenty of other wild venues scattered across the country that are, in my humble opinion, just as interesting if not more so. Here is a list of my favorite five wildlife and wilderness destinations and why it is that […]

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Essential Packing List for an Africa Overland Trip

As I start my overland journey through Southern Africa, I need to make sure I’ve packed all the essential items for the wilderness. I’ll be spending more than a month bush camping and traveling in areas with limited electricity and water supply, so it’s important to make sure I’ve got everything I’ll possibly need. On […]

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Dunes, Deltas and Falls: Southern Africa Overland

Having just returned from a hectic week at World Travel Market in London, I’m now off to South Africa for a month-long overland trip through Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. I’ve long dreamt of traveling overland in this part of Africa – sand boarding in the oldest desert in the world, drifting along the Okavango Delta, […]

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Video: Whale Watching in Husavik, Iceland

// From somewhere beyond the tranquility comes a spray of water and a slow-motion flip of a fluke. It’s a humpback whale. Just meters away from our old sailboat. I watch in awe as it glides gently by the bow of our boat, shyly peeking at us through the water surface. As we inch closer, […]

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