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Hotel Reservation Sites for the Budget Travellers

// In a few weeks’ time, we’ll be starting our 4-month trip through South America from Buenos Aires, Argentina. As budget backpackers and a travelling couple, we tend to book affordable accommodation that allows us privacy of our own room, with  prices below US$20/person. These hotel reservation sites below come in handy for cheap guesthouse […]

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Why We Travel

Experience a New Culture

// During our recent trip through Central Java, we car-pooled with an energetic German couple who shared their intrepid tales of travelling around the World with us. Towards the end of our day together on the harrowing mountain roads of the Dieng Plateau, Daniel made an insightful comment, which I thought, hit the spot for […]

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7 Steps to Sustaining Long-term Travel

long-term travelling

Having received several emails from my readers, about how I sustain my long-term travels, both financially and professionally, I figured I might just share some of my own experience with you. (Thanks for writing to me, keep them coming!) Truth be told, long-term travelling is not easy, but if you set yourself some rules, …

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Budget airlines – setting a new era in flying?

lining up to board the budget airline

As air travel gets cheaper, budget airlines’ popularity is going sky high. Obviously, with airfares going as low as 10euros, who’s not snapping tickets fast especially in this economic recession? Although many budget airlines cut cost by doing away with inflight food(non-existent) and having tighter seat spaces, it hasn’t stopped travellers from taking them. These […]

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Melbourne, Australia- A city of different faces

At the glowing Flinder St Station

// A recent trip to Melbourne made me fall in love with it all over again. Lately I’ve been rediscovering some old places I’d been, and walking down memory lane has been nothing like I’d imagined. It’s like falling in love with a lover all over again. It’s reminiscent yet more passionate than before. I […]

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10 of the Best Beaches in Southeast Asia

// Many friends have been scratching their heads for ideas on short weekend getaways from Singapore. We are after all very fortunate to be next-door neighbors with the lush tropical beaches of Malaysia and Indonesia. But thanks to over-developed tourism, most of these ‘ex-paradises’ are now crowded and touristy. Forget Bali, Phuket and Bintan, let’s […]

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Valentine’s Day Special: The World’s Most Romantic Places

As the most romantic day of the year is approaching fast, it’s time to dig up some hot ideas to romance your loved one. Modern urbanites these days might find it quite a bit of a commercialized gimmick for romantic fools to empty their pockets and boost the economy; I’m just one of those fools […]

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Gem of Northern Australia: Kakadu National Park

Kakadu national park

We’re here in Darwin, the Capital of Northern Territory – on the Northern tip of Australia that had been bombed during World War II but have rapidly grown into a vibrant city. Heading to the famous Kakadu National Park down South tomorrow, we’re all geared up to trek through the floodplains and climb rocky hills, […]

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What makes Australia unique


So, every other traveler would kill or sell their passports for a chance to go Down Under. Most would fly from one end of the Earth to the other, just to experience the Outback.   But what makes Australia so special? I hear you say. Bet you’ve never been there, because once you step foot on […]

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How to Live & Work in the UK and Australia

Imagen 350

London always has this special place in my heart. Living and Working there allowed me to discover what I wanted in Life, and gave me  a push towards pursuing what I liked. It was the start of my journey away from home. Although I was never really a Harrods or English-tea-sipping kinda girl, I enjoyed […]

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Teaching English in Spain

Night view of Plaza Mayor, Madrid

While we’re on the topic of Making the Big Move, I thought I might share with you how I started teaching English in the saucy and vibrant capital of Spain, Madrid. Sassy and spirited, Madrid is just like a sultry Flamenco dancer – full of energy, passion and thirst for life. Teaching English here gave […]

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How to Take Baby Steps to Making the Big Move

Teaching in Tanzania

Through the past few years of moving from one city to another, many people have asked me these questions again and again, ‘How do you get all that money to travel?’, ‘Have you considered carefully about what it will do to your career?’ , and of course,’ What about your family and friends at home?’ […]

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Beijing musings

The Forbidden City

China was a whole new world.. a mixture between ecclectic modernization and in-your-face sorta tradtions. Besides the incessant spittings from the Chinese pple, and the weird tongue-rolling Beijing accent, we were constantly thrilled and amused by these true to their hearts Chinese. First thing first, FOOD! Pekin duck and spicy chicken! the signboard reads DOG […]

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