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Valentine’s Day Special: The World’s Most Romantic Places

As the most romantic day of the year is approaching fast, it’s time to dig up some hot ideas to romance your loved one. Modern urbanites these days might find it quite a bit of a commercialized gimmick for romantic fools to empty their pockets and boost the economy; I’m just one of those fools who love to be swept off my feet and completely indulge in romance.

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Soaking up Paradise – Boracay

In this little piece of heaven, we found peace and tranquility, and a kind of calm. For a moment there, I was in a paradisical high. It really felt like an escape from reality. Everything they said about Boracay was real. A tiny island that only existed in our fantasy. Not overcrowded with tourists, nor [...]

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Our second home – Granada, Spain

The Alhambra with the Albayzcin as its backdrop

Over the weekend, we went for a visit to Granada again. Each time, it feels like going back home, to a second home. Living in Madrid has made me miss home on some days, but Granada always manages to give me that sense of familiarity I yearn.  As we drove away, from the snow mountains [...]

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