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Featured Destination of the Month: Jordan

Jordan: a land rich in centuries-old history, intriguing Bedouin culture and landscapes that range from vast red rose deserts to the legendary Dead Sea. Situated in the Middle East, Jordan has traditional Arabic flair blended into modern, advanced development, resulting in a safe and fulfilling destination to visit. The country has also gained quite a […]

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World’s Most Unearthly Landscapes

Eerie, dramatic and enigmatic: certain landscapes on Earth can be so unworldly, they’re reminscent of scenes from outer space. Many of these hotspots have been sculpted by the hands of Mother Nature, moulded into intriguing destinations that have captivated the imagination of modern-day travelers. While space travel still seems to …

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Panorama of Wadi Ghweir, Jordan

Hiking through the narrow canyon of Wadi Ghweir in Jordan.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Ma’in, Jordan

The plunging hot-spring waterfalls of Ma’in, Jordan.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Cappadocia, Turkey

As seen from above: Urgup, the gateway to Cappadocia.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul mosque

Inside the impressive Blue Mosque in Instanbul, Turkey.

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Photoblog: Greco-Roman Ruins of Jerash, Jordan

// When the Romans ruled the world, they left behind a legacy, one that would stay with us for milleniums. As a history buff, Roman ruins always have that wow effect on me. With their sheer size and grandeur, I find it hard to imagine that they were built thousands of years ago. Most of […]

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Photoblog: The Ancient City of Petra and Wadi Musa

// Mention Jordan and the image of Petra comes to mind. Not just Petra, but specifically its iconic rose-red building, the Treasury or al Khazneh. As a symbol of Jordan, the Treasury is strikingly stunning; but it is also just one of the thousands of impressive rock-cut buildings in the ancient city. In Petra, there […]

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Seeing Wadi Rum From Above

// As my pilot starts the engine, I put on his Vin Diesel jacket and batman shades and buckle up. Within seconds, we are airborne, flying just inches away from the jebels or rock towers of Wadi Rum in Southern Jordan. I don’t care if the morning wind is whipping across my face – the […]

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Highlights of Jordan – From the Desert to the Sea

// I’m still spinning in ecstasy from my week-long trip to Jordan – jam-packed with adventures, phenomenal sights and out-of-this-world experiences. We went from frosty mountain peaks to sprawling deserts to the breezy sea. Few countries offer as much diversity as Jordan: its distinctive terrains all within a few hours’ drive away from one another.  […]

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Canyons, Hot Springs and Roman Ruins: Jordan at First Glance

// This week, I’m in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for a week of adventure. The last time I was here, Jordan blew my mind away with its extraordinary landscapes, rich culture and good food. To me, the journey to Jordan felt like a less-trodden path in comparison to Egypt and Israel. A pity we […]

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City Break: World’s Greatest Cities

New York Times Square

// Bright lights, skyscraping buildings and an endless flow of energy: big cities can be some of the best travel destinations. I used to be a city girl – dazed by the glitzy lights of New York and charmed by the classic English squares in London. These days, I’m more of an outdoors traveler but […]

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Tasty Turkish Travel Temptations

Turkish spices in spice bazaar

// This week’s sponsored post brings us more tantalizing Turkish fare as we dig deeper into Turkey’s culinary world. From aromatic spices to tender meat kebabs to bizarre eats, Turkish foods have gained quite a reputation for themselves and it’s easy to see why, when you’re reveling in its sprawling markets and street bazaars. We’ve […]

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Gastronomic Travel: Street Food in Turkey and Egypt

Colorful spices in Istanbul

// While I’m out and about exploring India, this week’s guest post features the nearby shores of Egypt and Turkey. The Egypt Holidays team at Travel Supermarket brings us on a culinary tour through the street food culture and vibrant market scene of these two destinations. Although I’ve visited both countries on different occasions and […]

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6 Adventurous Destinations for Solo Travelers

Picturesque Motor Car Creek

// As an occasional solo traveler, picking the right destination to explore is not quite as easy as one would imagine. Since our move to Spain, Alberto has settled into his new job so that leaves me and my backpack, out to see the world alone. As much as I enjoy the prospects of meeting […]

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