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Flying Over 3 Countries at a time in the Pyrenees

On board a light aircraft, we glide through the skies of the Pyrenees, drinking in an impressive view of the mountainous region. There’s not a speck of cloud in the skies and temperatures are at a balmy 28 degrees Celsius. Under the sun’s rays, the mountainscape that surrounds us look …

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Biking in the Pyrenees: from Spain to France and back

It’s not everyday that I get to cross a country’s borders within a matter of minutes. Here in the Pyrenees, Spain and France are separated by an invisible border that can be easily crossed on two wheels. Led by an experienced biking guide, Jaume, we weave through cobblestoned alleys of charming …

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Canyoning along Freser River in the Spanish Pyrenees

Standing on a steep rock face that stands 5m above the Freser River, I’m about to jump into the chilly waters.  Nothing quite as intimidating as the heights I’d experienced while coasteering in Wales or skydiving in Costa Brava – but like every first attempt, I’m slightly nervous. Looking down …

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Highlights of the Pyrenees: From the Mountains Through the Rivers to the Sea

Over the past week in the Spanish Pyrenees, we canyoned down rivers, biked through golden meadows, kayaked off the coast, hiked on volcanoes and even flew over the mountains on a hot air balloon. My head is still reeling from the adrenaline-packed adventures and my eyes swirling from the visual …

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The Real Story: One Week of Adventure in the Pyrenees, Spain

I’ve just left Iceland for the snowy slopes of the Pyrenees in Northern Spain. As much as I’m reluctant to leave the glaciers and volcanoes behind, the Pyrenees is calling out to me with the promise of more adventures, good food and quirky corners to be discovered. This is a part of Spain that I’ve [...]

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World’s Most Unearthly Landscapes

Eerie, dramatic and enigmatic: certain landscapes on Earth can be so unworldly, they’re reminscent of scenes from outer space. Many of these hotspots have been sculpted by the hands of Mother Nature, moulded into intriguing destinations that have captivated the imagination of modern-day travelers. While space travel still seems to …

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Finding Surprises in Granada, Spain

I love surprises. Seriously, who doesn’t? This summer I was treated to a beautiful surprise, one that definitely left an imprint in my memories. On the night before our wedding, I was dashing around Granada, doing some last-minute preparations, when a surprise came knocking on our door. A luxury heritage hotel …

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Ibiza, Spain

While summer’s here, I’m sharing this photo taken in summer of 2004 on the island of Ibiza, Spain.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Valencia, Spain

Night view of the historical centre of Valencia, Spain.

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Experiencing Madrid Like a Local

Just last month, I spent a few days in the sizzling heat of Madrid to catch up with a good friend who’d come all the way from Canada to Spain for our wedding. We both used to live in the bustling Spanish capital, where we spent most of our time …

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Panorama of a beach town in Almeria, Spain

Panoramic view of the beach town of Aguadulce in Almeria, Spain.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Lanzarote, Spain

Giant cacti amidst the deserts of Lanzarote island, Spain.

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7 of the Most Famous Walking Trails in the World

// Last autumn, I was on Jeju island, South Korea to attend the first ever World Trail Conference. Trail experts from around the world shared interesting information about their trails, stirring my interest in traipsing these trails. I’ve barely covered any of them, but after talking to these trail experts, I’m pretty sure I’ll be [...]

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Wine Tourism in Costa Brava

// One of the highlights of my recent jaunt through Costa Brava, Spain, was the exquisite food and wine: our meals were made up of fresh Mediterranean food, punctuated with some of the best wines in the world – from Priorat wine to Freixenet cava (Spanish version of champagne). At Celler Martin Faixo, we sampled [...]

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Walking Catalonia: La Garrotxa Volcanic Natural Park

From the rugged coastline of Costa Brava, we head inland towards the volcanic area of Garrotxa. Contrary to most people’s beliefs, this part of Spain is not just all beaches and resorts – there’s a whole world of nature and medieval towns to explore. A good place to start is …

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