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That’s How We Roll: Zorbing in Bled, Slovenia

Ready to roll off a ramp

In a giant transparent ball, Alberto and I strapped ourselves onto our harnesses – one to the waist, another to the feet – and held on to the handle bars. And then, as though the operator had pressed the ‘start engine’ button on an amusement ride, I watched the world swirl  around us in 360 degrees. I [...]

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Photo Essay: Snapshots from Our Train Journey through Slovenia

Our Train Journey through Slovenia 2

Over the week, we journeyed from the western edge to the eastern coast of Slovenia by rail, taking in its backcountry from the comfort of the train windows. Train travel has always held the romance of travel to us and we savored it even more so here in the compact but nature-rich Slovenia. Despite its [...]

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The Romance of Travel: Losing Faith in Venice

Venice can be pretty if you can look beyond the crowds

The sun was gleaming on the sparkling waters of Venice’s channels as I jostled my way through hundreds of tourists on the Rialto Bridge to snap a photo of the the city’s world-famous canals. The air was hot and humid, but that clearly did not prevent hordes of travelers from flooding its shore. It seemed [...]

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The Med Run: Train Travel Through the Balkans

Paragliding over Slovenia

Our itinerary of the Med Run, a train journey through the Balkans.

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Highlights of the Ice Run: From the Northern Lights to the Ice Hotel

View of fjord from Arctic Circle Express

Over the winter, we took off on an epic train journey around the coldest reaches of Europe armed with our Eurail global passes and plenty of winter gear. This journey – which we aptly named the Ice Run – was all about the ice, the powdery snow, the raw wilderness and the chilly cold. To mush in the sugar-coated winter land, we tried our hands [...]

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Zipping through the Swiss Alps on the Glacier Express

Heading to the Alps

Of all the train journeys we took on the recent Ice Run, the Glacier Express in Switzerland stood out in our memories. The extraordinary rail experience brought us from the eastern corner to the western half of the Swiss Alps, through landscapes of epic proportions. Starting our train journey in St Moritz, we wound past flowing rapids, ice-covered lakes, acres of prairies covered in [...]

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Fjords, Valleys and Waterfalls: Norway In A Nutshell

At Myrdal station

Frozen lakes, dark green pines, and white-and-red Scandinavian farmhouses flank both sides of the railway as we swoosh through the white snow on our modern-day polar express. We’re climbing higher and higher into the mountains and the slopes are plunging into the endless depth. As I peer down and look beneath the tracks, my head spins slightly. It’s easy to get [...]

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Video: The Ice Run Recap

At the start of December, we set off on an epic train journey around the coldest reaches of Europe with Eurail.Com. This journey – which we aptly named the Ice Run – was all about the ice, the powdery snow, the raw wilderness and the chilly cold. To mush in the sugar-coated winter land, we tried our hands at all sort of [...]

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Lapland By Train: Riding the Arctic Circle Express

Extending for hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle, Lapland is one of the last remaining wildernesses in Europe. For many, this northern extreme is a mystery – where the midnight sun shines endlessly in summer and the stunning Aurora Borealis dances in the sky during the long, polar winter nights. Stretching across four countries and bounded by three different [...]

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The Tradition of Reindeer Herding in Lapland

A member of our reindeer caravan

As part of the Ice Run journey, we’re exploring the Finnish Lapland, one of the coolest parts of Europe. We did plenty of fun winter activities like snowmobiling and ice-fishing, here’s a story about meeting a reindeer herder in Rovaniemi. *** I’ve always imagined reindeers to have the power to whisk me into the sky, just like Santa Claus’ reindeer sleigh. But [...]

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Inside Sweden’s ICEHOTEL

Main entrance of ICEHHOTEL

Amidst the gorgeous Narnia landscape of the Swedish Lapland stands ICEHOTEL, the world’s first hotel built entirely of ice and snow. It’s hard to believe that everything here is made of ice, until you see it for yourself. We recently visited the ICEHOTEL on a daytrip from Abisko and were blown away by this work of [...]

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Ice-Fishing in the Finnish Lapland

As part of the Ice Run journey, we’re exploring the Finnish Lapland, one of the coolest parts of Europe. We went crazy with winter activities like snowmobiling and dog-sledding. Here’s our story on ice-fishing in Rovaniemi. *** I jump up and down, like a child pouncing on her bed, eager to see if the ice beneath my feet will crack and fizzle. It’s ridiculously [...]

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Photoblog: Nordic Charm in Trondheim

Of all the places we visited on the Ice Run, Trondheim has got to be the biggest surprise for us. Surrounded by fjords,  the city is a charming Nordic enclave rich in history and traditional flair. The town itself is tastefully built around a hill, studded with narrow cobble stoned alleys, classic Norwegian houses and [...]

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High Above the Fjords of Narvik

“Are we going on these cool trucks?” We were standing in front of three restored military tanks that looked like they were taken straight out of a James Bond movie. “Yes, we normally use these to bring guests up the ski slopes when it’s too windy to run the cable car”. Our guide Svein explained. [...]

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Woof Poof: Husky Sledding in the Swedish Lapland

Our troop of huskies

“Yap yap, kom igen!” Come on, shouted Lina. The cacophony of howling and barking suddenly ceased and we were instantly engulfed in silence as our troop of huskies took to their heels. All morning, this was what they had been waiting for: running with all their might, with their tongues wagging, saliva dripping in all [...]

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