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The World’s Happiest Countries – Do You Agree?

Copenhagen, Denmark

Since we’re on the subject of happiness, I’d like to share this interesting list of the happiest countries around the world compiled by the World Happiness Report. Every year, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network conducts a 156-nation survey and rank the happiest countries around the globe based on aspects such as healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life [...]

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Highlights of the Ice Run: From the Northern Lights to the Ice Hotel

View of fjord from Arctic Circle Express

Over the winter, we took off on an epic train journey around the coldest reaches of Europe armed with our Eurail global passes and plenty of winter gear. This journey – which we aptly named the Ice Run – was all about the ice, the powdery snow, the raw wilderness and the chilly cold. To mush in the sugar-coated winter land, we tried our hands [...]

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Fjords, Valleys and Waterfalls: Norway In A Nutshell

At Myrdal station

Frozen lakes, dark green pines, and white-and-red Scandinavian farmhouses flank both sides of the railway as we swoosh through the white snow on our modern-day polar express. We’re climbing higher and higher into the mountains and the slopes are plunging into the endless depth. As I peer down and look beneath the tracks, my head spins slightly. It’s easy to get [...]

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Video: The Ice Run Recap

At the start of December, we set off on an epic train journey around the coldest reaches of Europe with Eurail.Com. This journey – which we aptly named the Ice Run – was all about the ice, the powdery snow, the raw wilderness and the chilly cold. To mush in the sugar-coated winter land, we tried our hands at all sort of [...]

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Lapland By Train: Riding the Arctic Circle Express

Extending for hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle, Lapland is one of the last remaining wildernesses in Europe. For many, this northern extreme is a mystery – where the midnight sun shines endlessly in summer and the stunning Aurora Borealis dances in the sky during the long, polar winter nights. Stretching across four countries and bounded by three different [...]

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Photoblog: Nordic Charm in Trondheim

Of all the places we visited on the Ice Run, Trondheim has got to be the biggest surprise for us. Surrounded by fjords,  the city is a charming Nordic enclave rich in history and traditional flair. The town itself is tastefully built around a hill, studded with narrow cobble stoned alleys, classic Norwegian houses and [...]

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High Above the Fjords of Narvik

“Are we going on these cool trucks?” We were standing in front of three restored military tanks that looked like they were taken straight out of a James Bond movie. “Yes, we normally use these to bring guests up the ski slopes when it’s too windy to run the cable car”. Our guide Svein explained. [...]

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Ice Run Updates

As the year comes to an end, we have reached the first half of our Ice Run journey through the coldest parts of Europe. Over the past few weeks, we have ridden a reindeer sleigh and met Santa Claus in Finland, caught the Northern Lights and visited Sweden’s original ICEHOTEL as well as tried our [...]

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The Ice Run: Traveling Europe’s Coldest Regions by Train

To end the year with a bang, we’re off again – this time heading into the coldest reaches of Europe on an epic train journey. Perhaps it’s because Antarctica got me hooked to the cold, or perhaps a white Christmas sounds all too tempting, the sub-zero temperatures are calling! We’ve teamed up with Eurail.Com to explore Northern Europe on [...]

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Video: An Intimate Polar Bear Encounter in the Arctic

// “There it is!” A fellow passenger pointed out to a vanilla-colored fur ball in the midst of the dazzling white ice field.  The Arctic can play tricks on your eyes – under the glaring midnight sun and the reflective ice, it was easy to let your imagination run wild. I grabbed my coat and [...]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Oslo, Norway

This week, I’m in Norway onboard an Arctic expedition cruise. Here’s a photo shot 2 winters ago in Oslo, Norway.

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Updates from the Arctic: Sailing Onboard the MS Expedition Cruise

// I’ve swapped the heat of Madagascar for the ice-cold chills of the Arctic, leaving behind sun-kissed beaches in exchange for glaciers, fjords and the midnight sun. Currently writing to you from Longyearbyen, I’m sitting in my cosy hotel lobby, looking out to a view of the fjord and pointed peaks. Longyearbyen is the world’s [...]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Panorama of Geiranger, Norway

Emerald green pastures and granite rock faces of the Geiranger Fjord, Norway.

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Dog Sledding in the North Pole

Dog-sledding North Pole

// The North Pole – with its layers of powder white snow, temperatures that dip way below zero and the promise of no man’s land – has always been my childhood travel dream. While I’ve yet to fulfill that dream of mine, let’s travel vicariously through Iain Miller’s experience. Today’s guest post by Iain brings [...]

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Top 5 Adventure Destinations in Europe

Iceberg in Spitsbergen, Norway

// Europe is not all about dreamy castles and winter wonderland – for the adventure-seeker and outdoor-lover, it’s packed with challenging terrain perfect for hiking, scuba diving and many other extreme adventures. Now that the festive season is approaching, plan out your travels in Europe to include some adventurous activities and experience a different side [...]

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