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Waterfalls, Villages, and Volcanoes: The Real St Vincent

Kingstown from a distance

On our recent trip to St Vincent, we spent quite some time liming on sandy beaches and lounging around beautiful resorts; but our curiosity (as always) got the most of us: Surely there must be something to the Caribbean beyond its sandy beaches and luxurious hotels? So we tore ourselves away from the piña coladas [...]

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Lava and Ash: Climbing La Soufriere Volcano on St Vincent

A view of the volcano crater

The air is hot and steamy, and I’m completely drenched in sweat. Emerald palm trees and beautiful yellow-and-red heliconia surround us but I’m too tired to care. I’m out of breathe and low in energy level, gasping for breathe and working hard to keep up with the rest. By this time, we’ve been walking for [...]

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An Instagram Photo Tour of St Vincent and the Grenadines


The sun is setting and showering the whole area in sparkling gold as I dive into the warm Atlantic Ocean. The coconut trees on the white pearly beach are swaying, while soft reggae music play gently in the background. As the locals like to say, “We’re on Caribbean time, man.” We’re on Young Island, a [...]

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From One Island to the Next: Liming in St Vincent and the Grenadines

One of the islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines

After spending a long winter last year in extraordinarily cold places (think Antarctica and Lapland), we have packed this year with plenty of trips to hot, tropical islands – from the Caribbean island of St Kitts to the Pacific treasure trove of Fiji and the volcano isles of Hawaii. Alberto and I love discovering pristine [...]

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Active Caribbean: 4×4 Off-Road Adventures on Nevis

Alberto at the wheel

 With acres of unexplored rainforests, pasture land and a monster of a mountain rising from its center, Nevis is indeed an island made for adventure. Having hiked through its jungle and biked down its slopes, we found yet another alternative way of exploring the rugged terrain of the island: on board a 4×4 Polaris Ranger [...]

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SNUBA Diving St Kitts

When we first heard we were going to try SNUBA-diving off the Caribbean coast of St Kitts we didn’t know what to expect. As certified scuba divers, we were quite skeptical about this new sport. We had the preconceived idea that it would be limiting and we wouldn’t be able to see as much as we [...]

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Out And About: Hiking and Biking on the Caribbean Island of Nevis

Nevis from the sea

Dry pastureland sprawl across the slopes of the hill while prickly plants and cotton trees fill both sides of the trail. On our left lies the dramatic coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, as its dark blue waters lap onto the empty shores of the island. To the right, Mount Nevis looms overhead, reaching over a [...]

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The Other Caribbean: Rainforest Trekking on St. Kitts

Aside from the tranquil beaches and flavorful Caribbean food, one of the biggest draw of St. Kitts is its rainforest. Protected since 1902, the Central Reserve Rain Forest covers almost 25% of the island extending from the foothills of the mountains that rise up from the interior of the island, all the way to the coastline. They’re lush, [...]

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Photoblog: Secrets of St Kitts

Nellie posing with St. Kitts at her feet

Swaying coconut trees, sparkling blue water, powdery sand and the sounds of reggae music in the distance: St Kitts is everything we’d imagined – and more. Having spent almost a week exploring, we’re thrilled to find that St Kitts isn’t just any Caribbean island. It’s the Caribbean without sun-burnt tourists, all-inclusive resorts, and Señor Frogs. [...]

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Liming On the Caribbean Island of St Kitts

From the religious enclaves of Israel, we’ve flown over oceans and continents to the Caribbean island of St Kitts – where time seems to have slowed down to a leisurely pace. Every where on the island, the warm breeze blows and the sound of lapping waves echo from the distance, people saunter on the beach [...]

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Tips from a Surfer: 5 Great Surfing Destinations Around the World

Surfer at Portimao beach, Algarve, Portugal

This is a guest post by Josh Aggars, a surfing enthusiast. Over the years I’ve traveled to some inspiring and exotic locations in order to surf new spots. My travels have led to some quite amazing adventures, new friendships and life affirming memories. At the same time I’ve …

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7 Up-and-Coming Adventure Travel Destinations for 2011

// 2011 is just around the corner and another exciting year packed with thrilling travels is looming ahead! In 2010, we saw more unconventional destinations popping up in our adventure travel world – such as South Africa and Bhutan. In the new year, I predict a similar trend but with a focus on destinations closer [...]

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10 Unusual Cruise Holidays


Since we’re on the topic of cruising lately, this week’s sponsored post features more cruise holidays – but these are not your average holiday cruises. Imagine lounging at an ice bar, go surfing or goof around on a bungee trampoline – all onboard your cruise ship. For the non-cruise …

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Green Travel: 7 Luxury Eco-Retreats


// In recent years, green travel is getting the attention that it rightfully deserves. Treading lightly, traveling responsibly and avoid leaving any carbon footprint as we travel can help sustain the environment, or at least prevent further damage to our planet. Unfortunately, traveling often causes a certain degree of destruction to the environment and local [...]

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