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Colorful Nepal: the Temples, Squares and Pagodas of Kathmandu


Stepping off the plane to arrive in Kathmandu after a long-haul flight was an exhilarating shock — the chaotic traffic, the dusty and polluted air, and the overcrowded streets caught me by surprise. Regardless of where I went in Kathmandu, I found myself surrounded by blinding swirls of colors and senses-assaulting smells. The sensory overload was intoxicating: melodic Hindu prayers echoed through temple [...]

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The Journey to Bhutan: Flying Over the Himalayas

The first peak appears

My recent trip to Bhutan was definitely something special, but the journey there itself was an experience on its own. Onboard Druk Air’s Airbus A319, we took off from Kathmandu and immediately rose above the clouds to find ourselves flying high above the rice terraces and hills of Kathmandu Valley. Once we reached almost 32,000 feet above sea level, a snow-capped mountain peak then appeared before [...]

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Bhutan in Photos: from Lofty Mountains to Magnificent Fortresses and Happy People

The tallest mountain in Bhutan

Of all the 78 countries I’ve visited, none of them have captured me as much as Bhutan did. Here’s why: Entrenched within mighty mountain chains and surrounded by Buddhist myths and legends, Bhutan still remains shrouded in mystery. Having only opened its doors to international tourists in 1974, the country has come a long way in terms of [...]

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Highlights of India: from Lakeside Towns to Sultry Beaches

Jaipur palace

From the calm backwaters of Kerala, to the colorful market stalls of Old Dheli’s Khari Baoli and the paradisiacal shores of Goa, India will envelop you in a blanket of sensory opulence. A country of unparalleled diversity the vast subcontinent of India boasts a rich heritage that is among the oldest in the world. Over [...]

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A Glimpse of Nepal through Instagram


I’ve just spent the past two weeks in Nepal and have been completely swept off my feet by this stunning Himalayan nation. I love how Nepal makes me feel: silenced by awe and giddy with excitement, like a first-time traveler all over again. In all honesty, I haven’t felt that enthusiastic about a place in [...]

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The Himalayas Calling: Off to Nepal and Bhutan!

558-Old man feeding birds pigeons in Bhaktapur Durbar square Dec 15, 2011 7-12 AM 4208x2723

Namaste from Nepal! I know it’s barely been two weeks since my trip to East Africa and here I am, in the opposite end of the world. This time, I’m in an area that I know very little about and is completely new to me so I’m really looking forward to discover and learn. The [...]

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The Rewards of Traveling to Forbidden Lands

Children in North Korea

In our travels, we’ve visited several places that are considered ‘dangerous’ by many: North Korea, Burma (or Myanmar), Honduras, Israel, amongst many. Why? Because as curious travelers, we believe by seeing a place for ourselves is the best way to mitigate everyone’s fears and bust the myths surrounding it. Traveling is our way of learning on-the-ground knowledge, and visiting these forbidden lands is [...]

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7 of the Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

Taj Mahal

// Travel has a reputation for being expensive, but whilst that’s often the case it’s equally true that there are some exceptional bargains around if you’re willing to spread your wings a bit further. In many parts of the world it’s possible to live on only a few pounds a day – or in luxury [...]

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Heaven on Earth: Myanmar’s Inle Lake

Fishermen on Inle Lake

t’s 7am and the sun’s rays are pouring into our wooden stilt bungalow. I open the windows and hypnotic sounds of prayers flood in from the near distance. Every morning at exactly this hour, the Inthas recite their sermons in the Buddhist temple nearby. It’s become a daily ritual for me to rise to this beautiful [...]

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Photoblog: Floating Above the Clouds on Mount Emei

Peak of Mount Emei

Thick, white clouds surround us almost as if we are floating above them. All the concrete of the city have disappeared beneath us, under that layer of marshmallow white clouds. There are only the soothing sounds of chanting prayers echoing in the distance. At 3,099 meters above sea level, all we see in the horizon [...]

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Highlights of Our 6-Month Trip in Asia

Whale Shark in Cebu

We’ve been back in Spain for over a month now, taking time off to concentrate on marketing our magazine as well as working on our new app and other projects. The last six months in Asia have been quite the journey as we trotted from one country to the next, with our laptop and camera in tow. From [...]

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Photoblog: The Ancient Town of Huang Yao in Guilin, China

Ancient town of Huangyao

While in Guilin, China, we had the chance to visit Huang Yao, a 1,042-year-old town with beautifully-preserved remnants of the past. The time-warped, ancient city is a labyrinth of narrow streets and brick-laid houses, with giant marble paving the walkways and red lanterns hanging from the ceilings. Chinese inscriptions that had been carved into the [...]

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An Intimate Elephant Encounter at Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Preparing food for the elephants

Deep in the rainforest of Khao Sok National Park, a hungry line of swaying elephants waited impatiently for their lunch. Before I could finish preparing my basket of fruits and vegetables, Masrinuan was already prodding my back with her wet, hairy trunk. With choppers in hand, we sliced up pineapple, watermelon, cucumber, and pumpkin and [...]

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A Story On Rice Planting and Learning About Life in Yangshuo, China

sunset at the rice fields

“Is this your first time planting rice?” said our host Mr Pan, a farmer from the rural outskirts of Yangshuo, Guilin. The grey-haired farmer, in his sixties, found it hard to comprehend how anyone could not have planted rice before. We giggled amusingly, slipped off our sandals and dug our feet into the wet, soggy [...]

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Photoblog: Faces of North Korea

A group of children

Before our trip to North Korea, we didn’t know what to expect; after all, so little of North Korea is known to the outside world. All we knew about the country was based on what we saw on television or read in the newspapers – but we weren’t there to seek out the truth in [...]

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