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Daily Travel Snapshot: Tokyo, Japan

The technology hub of Akihabara in downtown Tokyo, Japan.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Kyoto, Japan

Girls in kimono at the Kiyumizu Temple in Kyoto, Japan.

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City Break: World’s Greatest Cities

New York Times Square

// Bright lights, skyscraping buildings and an endless flow of energy: big cities can be some of the best travel destinations. I used to be a city girl – dazed by the glitzy lights of New York and charmed by the classic English squares in London. These days, I’m more of an outdoors traveler but […]

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10 of the Safest Destinations to Visit


// While I’m out and about exploring my new city of Seville, Bryant from is filling in as a guest blogger, rounding up 10 of the safest destinations in the world to explore. Some travelers still have qualms about traveling to certain places. For many, it is a priority to know that the country […]

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8 of the World’s Most Beautiful Coastal Towns

Rovinj, Croatia

Stunning views of the cliff, with gorgeous beach houses dotting the coastline and narrow highways meandering close to the rocks beneath — Coastal towns bring a whole new meaning to seaside lifestyle. There is a certain allure about these coastal towns, be it in Africa or Australia; their elegance and disarrayed beauty …

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7 of the most Bizarre Asian cultural habits

Japanese slurping noodles

// < ![CDATA[ google_ad_client = “pub-9898648874665533”; /* in-post square */ google_ad_slot = “5737140338”; google_ad_width = 200; google_ad_height = 175; // ]]> It all started when Alberto began asking me questions, on why Asians always eat with our mouths full, or why we never bother asking ‘how are you?’. I was always intrigued by how he […]

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A walk thru’ Japanese culture in Kyoto

A lil girl dressed as a geisha stood by the streettransporting us back in time,to the ancient traditional times of Japan..Kiyomizu temple overlooks the city..with our kawaii Japanese was funny speakin to them in Spanish, in Japan.Heiko absolutely loved the kneelin part of Japanese traditions..An extremely touristic picture of us n the geisha..Byo-do Innshimmerin […]

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