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Complete my Annual Survey and Win These Travel Prizes!

win travel prizes

***THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.**** It’s that time of the year again. 2016 is coming to an end, and it’s time to reflect and look back. It’s been a busy year packed with travels, and lots of projects and changes on this site. 2016 has been an extraordinary year for WildJunket as our readership increased […]

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A Complete Travel Guide to the Caucasus

caucasus travel guide

Caucasus Travel Guide Lodged between Asia and Europe, the Caucasus is truly in the confluence of East and West. It stands at the crossroads of the two continents and thus is a compelling blend of European and Asian cultures and heritage, packed full of stunning, natural landscapes that can rival that of neighboring Central Asia […]

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Best Black Friday Travel Deals 2016

best black friday travel deals - norwegian

Black Friday is here! There’s no better time to start planning your travels for next year than now! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not just the best time of the year to score travel gear, but also flights, accommodation and tours. These days, almost every travel company is offering exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday […]

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Best Travel Gifts for 2016

best travel gifts

Does it seem like Christmas is coming even earlier this year? Well you’re probably not alone in trying to come up with gift inspiration! But here’s some ideas for the best travel gifts to give this year. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for friends and family who love to travel, I’ve compiled the perfect […]

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Armenia Travel: The Best Places to Explore

armenia travel blog

We’ve all heard of Armenia or have Armenian friends, yet most of us know nothing about this Caucasus country. In case you too are clueless about it, Armenia is an Eurasian country located  in the Caucasus region between Europe and Asia. It is bordered by Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, […]

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Black Friday 2016: Amazon Travel Deals

best amazon black friday travel deals

With just one week to go Amazon announced that their Black Friday Week Sale will start today, Friday November 18 through Friday, November 25 with new deals added as often as every five minutes for eight straight days. Customers will have access to 10 coveted Deals of the Day starting at midnight on Thanksgiving, and […]

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Why Travel Is More Important Now Than Ever

the importance of travel right now

The Importance of Travel in Today’s World We live in a world of uncertainty these days. Over the past 12 months, strings of terrorism attacks have hit some of the most stable parts of the world. First it was Paris, then Brussels and more recently Istanbul. Each attack was worse than the other, and each […]

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Announcing the Launch of my Facebook Marketing Course

facebook marketing course

I’ve been working on a secret project for six months now and today I’m extremely excited to finally share the news with you! Today is the launch of my new Facebook marketing course: the Complete Facebook Marketing Course. The course has been created in collaboration with Travel Blog Success, the biggest travel blogging academy in […]

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20 Photos of Georgia that Will Surprise You

photos of georgia

My Best Photos of Georgia Georgia — a name associated more with the southern state of US than the country itself, is often overlooked by travellers as a tiny landlocked country hidden in the shadows of its ex-Soviet past. For the uninitiated, Georgia is a relatively small country in the Caucasus, midway between Europe and […]

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Travel in the Caucasus: My Impression of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan

travel in the caucasus

Greetings from Baku, Azerbaijan! It’s been a while since I last wrote a brief update from the road, I thought it’s about time to update you guys on my adventures. I’m currently writing to you from the Caucasus, where I’ve been traveling for the past two weeks. The Caucasus is an intriguing region of Eurasia that’s affordable, […]

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Drone Video of Sierra Nevada, Spain

Our First Drone Video! Have you ever seen your backyard from the air? Curious to see ours, we recently used our new Xiaomi drone to capture aerial footage from the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, just an hour’s drive from our home base in Granada, Spain. Sierra Nevada, which means “snowy mountain range” in Spanish, is […]

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World Nomad Games in Photos

world nomad games photos

The 2016 World Nomad Games in Photos “If Genghis Khan were alive, he’d want to be here,” the host at the World Nomad Games 2016’s opening ceremony announced as fireworks lit up the skies. Indeed, Genghis would have been proud to be at the World Nomad Games. Held from 3 to 8 September on the […]

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A Career in Travel Blogging — My Secrets to Success

career in travel blogging

Want to pursue a career in travel blogging? Read my post on how to start a travel blog before learning my secret tips on how to grow your travel blog and turn it into a business. In 2008, I started this travel blog. Then in 2010, I took the plunge and became a full-time travel […]

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eco tourism destinations in west africa

Exploring Eco Tourism Destinations in West Africa

eco tourism destinations in west africa

Want to go local and contribute to local communities in West Africa? Here are some eco tourism destinations in West Africa that are well worth visiting. West Africa  is the stuff of dreams. It’s packed with long-standing slavery history, remote and untouched landscapes, world-renown music traditions, and intriguing voodoo culture. But it’s also the world’s poorest […]

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World Nomad Games — A Festival of Yurts, Horse Races and Eagle Hunts


Welcome to the World Nomad Games 2016! I’ve come to Kyrgyzstan to attend and experience the World Nomad Games, a celebration of nomadic culture through sports and traditional art, song and dance. On the shores of Lake Issy Kol in Kyrgyzstan, flaming horsemen gallop alongside women dressed in multi-coloured traditional costumes, while men wearing tall […]

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