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The Future of Travel Technology: Lifelogging on the Go


Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been traveling non-stop from Papua New Guinea to Brazil, Singapore to Germany. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of where I am and what I’ve been doing, especially so for friends and family. That’s why on my recent month-long trip to Australia and New Zealand, I decided to experiment [...]

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Glamping Adventures: 5 Luxury Campsites Around the World

Rock Creek

Recently I’ve had the chance to experience glamping at a few luxury campsites and they completely changed my perspective of sleeping in the great outdoors. The concept of glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping. Sound a little like opposites? Think again. Getting down and dirty is no longer an essential part of camping. With [...]

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Shotover Canyon Swing — the World’s Highest Cliff Jump

Shotover canyon swing

“1…2….3….” Counting to three, I mentally brace myself for the jump and slowly push myself backwards with my toes. But just as I’m pivoted on the ledge, the jump master pulls me back up. He laughs at the expression on my face, but I’m too scared to laugh along. It’s not funny when you’re the one sitting [...]

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From the Coast to the Alps: A Glimpse of New Zealand’s South Island


Flushed with vast plains, towering mountains and dramatic beaches, New Zealand’s South Island is teeming with pristine wilderness and alpine beauty that few other countries can rival. Over the past two weeks, I traveled all over the South Island with G Adventures and was just blown away by how rugged and remote everything was in [...]

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Video: Flying Over Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand

A vast sea of blue ice stands beneath us, with traversal crevasses running through them like cracks on the Earth’s crust. The chunky blocks of ice look almost like lego pieces jutting out from a frozen mountain that extends all the way from the top of the mountains to the valley beneath. I am flying over Franz Josef [...]

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New Zealand Road Trip Part I: Exploring the North Island

Day one of #NZ roadtrip with @gadventures and we

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been traversing the North Island of New Zealand with my main partner G Adventures. The landscapes have been stunning: rolling green hills, herds of sheeps and snow-peaked mountains sprawl across the country, with huge swells and black volcanic beaches on the west coast and calm clear bays on the east. [...]

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World’s 10 Most Ethical Destinations 2014

Bahamas Orange Creek

While we’re on the topic of ethical travel, here’s an interesting list I’d like to share with you. Every year, the non-profit organization Ethical Traveler conducts a survey of developing nations — from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe — to identify the world’s best travel and tourism destinations. They choose the ten that are doing the most [...]

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Exploring Adels Grove in Outback Queensland — Part I

Constance Range

Flying over the vast savannahs, I feasted on amazing views of  orange earth and green spinifex cacti that ran for miles and miles. The terrain twisted and curved around gentle hills and long dirt roads, and cattle herds ran in all directions on the dusty plains. This was my first glimpse of Outback Queensland. It [...]

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Australia’s Gold Coast: Big Swells, Wide Beaches and Eternal Sunshine

An awesome view of the Gold Coast from Q1, the tallest building in #Australia. #thisisqueensland #visitgoldcoast - from Instagram

As a child, the Gold Coast was a familiar name to me. My friends in school often had their vacation there and somehow I associated it with theme parks and over-commercialized tourist attractions. I was clearly wrong. Having just spent a week on the Gold Coast in Australia’s Queensland, I’ve come to realize how diverse [...]

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Guess Where I Am (and Win a Free Trip for Two to New Zealand!)


Now that my trip to Australia has come to an end, I’ve just arrived in New Zealand for  even more exciting adventures! This time I’ll be traveling with my main partner, Canadian small-group adventure tour operator, G Adventures, as one of their Wanderers in Residence. I’m joining a group of young travelers on the Best of New Zealand tour [...]

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Support World Hunger Day – Join Us on the 12 Hour Fast Challenge

Helping children in need

Each year, the world celebrates World Hunger Day on the 28th May to inspire people in both the developed and developing worlds to show their solidarity and support to enable many more to end their own hunger and poverty and make the journey to self-reliance. The event celebrates sustainable solutions to ending extreme hunger and poverty. [...]

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The Great Barrier Reef from the Air and Underwater


Just this morning, I hopped on a day trip from the Gold Coast to Lady Elliot Island, an islet in the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef. The 100-acre coral cay is the closest Great Barrier Reef island to Brisbane, Queensland’s southern capital, and is easily reached by plane. To get there, I flew on a [...]

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Outback Queensland: Red Earth, Emerald Water and Blue Sky

Sunset at Harry Hill

Rose red sandstone mountains rise from parched grey earth dotted with lime-green spinifex grass and eucalyptus tree, while emerald water runs through the gorges lined with green palm trees. This part of Outback Queensland reminds me of the Red Center (specifically the area around Uluru) — but  without the crowds. It’s hot, dry and harsh, studded with gorgeous unearthly landscapes and criss-crossed [...]

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The Best of Germany — from Historical Sites to Traditional Brewhouses

Skyline of Munich

My recent visit to Germany surprised me on many levels and it reminded me of just how much we enjoy the country every time we’re there. We’ve traveled to Germany almost five times now, visiting different cities and during different seasons on each occasion. Germany never failed to surprise us with its rich history and [...]

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An Instagram Photo Essay – Flying over Outback Queensland

Flying over #OutbackQueensland to Mount Isa: gorgeous orange and green landscape. #thisisqueensland - from Instagram

After taking five long flights to get from Spain to Australia, I’ve finally arrived at my destination: Mount Isa, the gateway to outback Queensland. As a small mining town, Mount Isa isn’t an attraction on its own (most travelers use it as a base to explore the nearby national parks) but the flight here makes it [...]

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