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Lately I’ve been hooked to fellow travel blogger’s Brilliant Tips. I read tons of travel blogs daily to feed my thirst for travel literature, and Brilliant Tips has been feeding me colourful and exciting pieces non-stop!

What I love most is the wide scope of countries Brilliant Tips covers. From isolated Iceland to Doha in the Middle East and even Patagonia right at the tip of South America, I am always entertained with new tales of a different country each day. It’s like surfing the internet without having to google anything, and getting surprised each time I tune in.

As a travel addict, I can never get enough of discovering new uncovered paradise. Brilliant Tips gets off the beaten track, and often come up with great pieces on refreshing spots such as Krakow and Malawi.  I’m a budget backpacker always looking for the most affordable way to explore a country, and Brilliant Tips not only caters to travellers like me, but also to flashpackers who travel as a family.

Brilliant Tips is also an all-rounded online travel consultant, where you can hunt for the best travel deals, seek advise from the tons of travel tips they provide, book your travel deal and voila! Off you go to see the world!

Oh, and check this out! I just made use of this interesting feature that Brilliant Tips provide –Travel Tweets. An up-and-coming micro-blogging tool, I’ve been hooked on Twitter as well. Twitter is just like the new-age Facebook, except that you get to read your contacts’ updates in an instant. Brilliant Tips provides a personal service providing tips to any twitterers online.

It really isn’t a small blogosphere out there, but Brilliant Tips sure gives fellow bloggers a run for their money!



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